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I've never been to the Detroit Gaming Center,read the Mechaniod books back in the day, or even heard about this game back in 1980. However I do have a fan whose got every single title that Palladium games has put out since Kevin S. thought up this wonderful system all accept these books :demon: Which I happen to now own in their collected format along with Rift's Mechaniods. Know I played through the entire Coalition states vs Tolkeen campaign for over 6 months now & it was fun but now its my turn to run a campaign. I was over Dave's house a few nights ago & I heard him talking about how he wishes that there was something new that might be done with Rifts. A major epic story arch where both Tolkeen & the Coalition really faced something nasty.
Quietly & carefully I laid the foundations for this conflict with a few Coalition forces facing down & being wiped out right in Tolkeen's backyard. The corpses of the Coalition soldiers having wounds that look like they might have been made by a Mind Melter or some other usual Rift's monster. I began building the story more like a horror story then the usual scifi alien invasion bit. Scattered bits & pieces of equipment from the Mechaniod's home universe found around the parameter of a village that had the unlucky mishap to help the survivors of a mechaniod resistance cell. The cell on its way up from said village which the Mechaniods just wiped from the face of the Earth. The Coalition ran smack into them. There weren't any survivors & the adventuring party is right in the middle of this whole thing. They caught a glimpse of a runt through the trees which might or might not made them. Dave our old game master is thinking Invid. I'm thinking of using this knowledge for a few more surprises.

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Ah the Mechanoids are a great foe in Rifts. There is a lot of potential for adventure. Especially if the Mechanoids target specific CS installations. I used them once in this capacity. Their ultimate goal was to take Loan Star to get to the Genetics resources so the Mechanoids could clone more of themselves. Good thing the players stopped them at their manufacturing facility.

Have fun :ok:



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