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 Post subject: Races for N&s and MC
Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:35 pm

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Feel free to add to these if you want.

Heaven’s Avenging Spirits

It the far past, beyond even the reach of powerful The Jade Emperor. There was a Heavenly Realm of a goddess, who’s saw her duty as the protection of the earthly realm her heavenly realm was paired with. From the beginning she knew she would be pulled apart to quell invaders to the lands. The goddess created out of her own flesh her avengers. Each one with her fighting style, she sent them into the earthly realms to protect or avenge those of the realm.

Standing as the force of her realm, these avenging spirits traveled alone. Sometimes they joined mortals in their travels int he world. At other times they came together in numbers to meet the threats to ether Realms. Most threats could be taken care of this way. However, there were times when the invaders were more persistent than most. At those times the Heaven’s Avengers gathered into squads and larger. There were three times in The Realm’s existence that the Destroyers gathered into armies. Two times they stopped at just defeating the invading armies. The last army was destroyed, the invading realm was taken, and the deity was captured & powers plundered. The goddess having realized that with this other realm it would just keep attacking over and over again. During this war there were many in the ranks of her destroyers that their essences go back to their goddess. It then that she empowered her destroyers with new abilities to further their tasks of protecting The Realms.

Hundreds of years later…. the Deity of the Jade Realm started concurring his neighboring realms. One by one each fell to the sword or lash. Each of the deities ether becoming servants, concubines or imprisoned. With each their powers were plundered before they assumed their new roles.

The Goddess, seeing her realm was being eyed for devouring gave her destroyers a final gift. The ability to decide for themselves what they would do, Free Will. This came as a knowing to all her Avengers. Knowing that they could choose what path they would lead, and the knowing that they could change their path. Given this freedom they chose. Be it to take service with the deity of the Jade Realm; now coming to be known as the Jade Emperor; or leaving the realm to pursue their own path, or even to go with their goddess to other realms. With this knowing, they also knew that the goddess, unwilling to submit to anyone, split up herself to flee the realm. Some left to head west or north, while others left to other worlds hoping they would be too far away for the Jade Emperor to send hunt teams after.

Being ageless immortals, the avengers (or the destroyers) spread out as they chose. Even today there are those within the population of many nations of Earth.

Heaven’s Avenging Spirits
(Also known as the Destroyers)

Names: each created one will have the name the goddess gave them. In the language of their goddess it equates to ‘Destroyer number ???’ Most will have a number between 250 and 600.
Each will have a Taken Name that reflects their own choices.

Old Guard: any good or selfish.
True Born: any. Just like with humans they have free will.

The Eight Attributes:
IQ: 4d6, ME: 3d6+12, MA:2d6+10, PS: 3d6+6, PP: 2d4+18, PE: 4d6+10 (supernatural), PB: 3d6+1, Spd: 2d6+5.

Hit Points: 4d6+80. SDC: 2d4x10+160. Nat. AR: 10.
Starting PPE: 1d6x10+10. Add this amount to magic class base PPE.
Chi: PEx2 (the x2 is because they are supernatural)
Size: From 4 ft.-2 to 5 ft-6. (on the short size for humans.)
Character Classes: Any Job class or Magic class. Any character class that have psionics must be modified to exclude the psionic powers.
Horror Factor: Only by reputation, to those who know. Otherwise none.
Lifespan: immortal. Even then, the goddess’ selves can remake the person after she receives their essence….at level one.
Magic: as per magic class learned.
Psionics: None whatsoever.

Natural abilities:
Natural Tracker: able to track humanoids at 60+3d6%, able to track & trap animals at 70+3d6%.
Bold & Fearless: +1d4 vs horror factor and +1 to disarm and entangle.
Natural Avenger: Immune to normal cold and heat, +4 vs possession and horror factor, +2 vs all other saves. Bio Regenerates at 2d6 HP/SDC per melee round & regrows limbs in 1d6x10 days

Racial Traits: Like with deities, the Avengers can produce offspring with humans and with each other. Children With Mortals, get +8 attribute points to three or more attributes.
True Born children between Avengers will start out just like human children and grow into their abilities. Until the new Avengers are well into their lives they will only have the base rolls without the attribute bonuses listed. (Strait die rolls only, without any exceptional attribute die rolls.)

Supernatural Powers:
Other Selves: has 1d6+1 other human bodies that they can assume without limit. Each body has it’s own gender (M/F) and looks (re-roll PB for each other body). It takes 5 seconds to make the change between each body.

Enemies: Infernals, Demons and other evil supernaturals are the natural foes for the Avengers. Along with these, mortal evildoers, rabble rousers and those seeking to bring about strife. Those of organized crime fall within evildoers. Some have run afoul with the Jade Emperor’s powers and are hunted by them.

Habitats: Anywhere humans are, there can be Avengers living there. Mostly, they seek out enclaves of asians to live in. So they have people to ‘blend in’ into.

Favorite weapons: Swords, Spears & Bows.

Other notes:
Old Guard Avengers will have been alive for thousands of years. Mostly falling under the HU Immortal power category. In the Ancient Spirit sub-category. All Old Guard will have the Martial Artist beginning education.
2: True Born Avengers will have their beginning education in whatever age the began life in.
3: Avengers are aggressive by nature. Even modern ones can turn their aggressiveness towards business or some other outlet for it.

4: That the PS is not listed as supernatural is not a mistake. In the HU game their PS is considered to be extraordinary for lift-carry maths. And in Rifts their PS is only considered to be augmented for lift-carry maths.

Q's on this board need canon answers first for the question that was asked. Then you can post your own opinions or house rules, they need to be listed/declareds as your own opinions or house rules.


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