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I decided to create a document that I could hand out to players that detailed the combat rules and could be used as a quick guide. I also added a few of my own supplementary rules such as Initiative, Expended Ammunition, Flak Vest and Helmet reducing explosive damage and Panic rules.

I also added the M14A1 S.A.W as a new weapon (for Pigmen), this was basically a full auto M14 with:

a full pistol-gripped in-line stock to control recoil, a plastic upper forend to save weight, a muzzle compensator, the BAR sling, an M2 bipod, and a folding metal vertical foregrip mounted under the forend of the stock.

I think I added a few more weapons too (but I'm at work and I haven't got my rules book to hand to check).

Anyway if anyone wants to use this they have my consent: ... sp=sharing

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Nice product.
I would like to see some house rules about using machineguns with tripods, tho.
Nobody likes to use them, but a gun team and their tripod mounted machinegun with T&E is Death (with a capital D).

Good work.


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