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HI all!

I am going to start a campaign for TMNT with our gaming group and was hoping I could get a little guidance with a couple things in the palladium system.

Firstly, what do you roll to check against a players attributes? Say for instance, a character is trapped under fallen rubble and they want to lift it off to continue with their quest/combat/etc. I would ask them to “roll a P.S. check”. Do they roll 3D6 and add any bonus they may have from their P.S. attribute against an arbitrary difficulty given by the GM (IE 4 = Very easy; 10 = Easy; 12 = Medium; 14 = Hard; 16 = Very Hard)

Secondly, in the TMNT core book I am having a little trouble understanding which skills a character is allowed to have during character creation. Namely, in the Skill Programmes section it says the character knows ALL skills that belong to a particular skill programme, but if I roll a character that was ‘mentored’ in the Wild Animal Education table, they seem to be limited in the amount of skills they can take. For example, the Espionage Skill Programme says “pick 6 skills” if you chose that programme (bearing in mind only characters that are allowed to choose Espionage may choose it) BUT in the Wild animal education section, it says the character can choose up to 3 Espionage/Military skills. Does the latter override the “character knows all skills in a programme rule”?

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Attribute Check would be done on a D20.

As for the Skill question. Skill Program selection of skills is separate from Secondary Skills and neither over ride the other. If you have a Skill Program you select #-of skills for that Program specifically (and can in some cases take the program again), and it doesn't change anything about Secondary Skill selection (which is 1-skill per slot) and vise-versa.

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