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Can I please have some clarification on the exact meaning of the Leaping rules? For example, take the Leaping: Feline power, with a hypothetical six-foot mutant panther. It says that this character can leap 12 feet straight up and 18 feet laterally, from a standing start (add 50% with a full-speed running start)

Which of the two ways of reading this is correct? Or at least your preference, if neither is "Objectively correct"

1) The cat can clear an 18 foot gap from a standing start, or leap straight up and land (maybe with an elegant little flip if he's got Acrobatics and is feeling showy) on his feet at the top of the jump. If this is correct, presumably a character can try and jump a gap one body-length greater, but will have to try and catch themselves (with maybe an Acrobatics skill roll?)


2) the character can clear an 18 foot gap or leap 12 feet straight up, but will have to grab the ledge at the end of the jump, and pull himself up? This being the case, presumably the character can jump a gap that's one body-length shorter and land on his feet without having to pull himself up?

Thanks in advance!

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