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Are there any particular protocols for denoting the lesser-know Special Characters piloting mecha? No one expects to see Roy flying anything but Skull One or Lord Khyron outside his iconic Glaug. (Though they could!) But what about other characters? If Grell is in running around in a Regult, for example, does that piece need to be specially marked somehow?

Sometimes I put Grell in a standard Regult rather than a Glaug. I tape a marker underneath his Regult to denote which one he's in. I reveal it at game start; when he needs to check range to an eliminated Regult for possible return; and when he's eliminated to show my opponent they bagged him. But I otherwise don't draw attention to him. Regults are pretty soft targets, on the whole!

Likewise, when my opponents put out a destroid hero, like Dietrich, they point him out at start and then when his special ability is used, but are otherwise mum themselves.

Anyone handle it differently? Does it need to be obvious?

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Comment: Pirate Wisdom:
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There is no requirement to denote your special character.

In personal games it could be great to hide where the character is by not publicizing which mecha he is piloting.

In tournament play, Damage and information about units are not hidden, so the opponent would know what mecha has the character.

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Personally, I'd make sure special characters had something to make them stand out. There's no rules about it, but it just feels wrong having my aces in regular looking mecha. After all, all the aces we see in the anime have special paintjobs.

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