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How do Special Characters count towards Victory Points in scenarios where squadron damage and elimination are the basis for determining a victor?

The rules (p.83) say Squadrons are worth a number of VPs equal to the point total of all the Force cards and built-in upgrades divided by 10 but doesn't mention Special Characters. The example in the Living FAQ describing a 120 pt. Zentaedi squadron doesn't mention Special Characters. The rules introducing Special Characters say they operate with the profiles of the mecha they are assigned to plus their own special abilities. But I don't see anything that describes them as an upgrade or option for a squadron.

If the rules are any guide, my understanding of them tells me the answer is "no." But it seems reasonable to me that they would be considered as part of the points total for the squadron. (That would be the easy way to do it, IMO, and how we played it in a recent game.) I'm looking for a definite answer one way or the other inside the pages and/or on the cards.

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Special Characters are part of the squadron and their points are calculated for the VP for the entire squadron.

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