Setting for the Characters

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Setting for the Characters

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So I want to run a BTS game.

Either I rift in some adventurers from Rifts Earth or have them already be a part of the BTS world.

I am trying to remind myself of setting of the BTS dimension. Are players "just" Mulder and Sckully from the X-files show?

Those two brothers from the show "Supernatural?"

Is the core them people investigating supernatural people, places and things when news of them gets out. So the characters travel to the town or place where "the thing" occured.
The characters, like the scubbie do gang, have to figure out who done it and why. Then maybe the monster or whatever is real. So we could take virtually any episode from the show "X-Files" or "Supernatural" and play it as a game session?

The twist on it for Rifts characters is the setting change.
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Maybe I could go about it from the other direction. Characters from the BTS universe investgate supernatural goings on by Rifts Earths characters who crashed into it via a rift or a Shifter.

A. Psi-Stalker or Psi-Slayer on the loose starving. Needs a psychic or spell caster or supernatual being to feed.

B. Dog Boy caught and held at a circus or lab to be experimented on.

C. City Rat is Hacking the internet with advance tech and cybernetic/bionics.

D. A Cyber-Knight is patroling a city fighting crime wielding a real "Light-Saber." And jedi like powers: TK Leand & Push, Remote Viewing (on wanted posters), etc
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