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What do Nega-Psychics retain if they truly come to believe?

I've quoted the various blocks from the BTS2 book for reference. First, here's the Nega-Psychic's specical P.C.C. Abilities, Bonuses, and Penalties.

Special P.C.C. Anti-Psychic Abilities:
None of these Anti-Psychic Abilities require the expenditure of I.S.P. Also see Limitations and Penalties for aspects of disbelief that work both for and against the Nega-Psychic and help to make him what he is.
1. Mind Block Auto-Defense.
2. Psychic and Paranormal Disruptor.
3. The Skeptic's Viewpoint.

P.C.C. Bonuses (in addition to possible attribute bonuses):
Needs to roll a 10 or higher to save vs psychic attacks, but automatically saves against See Aura, Telepathy, Empathy, Empathic Transmission, Object Read, and all forms of Psychic Healing. +1 bonus to save vs all types of psychic attacks, +2 to save vs magic, +4 to save vs curses, and is impervious to possession and illusions. +1 to save vs Horror Factor at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15.

P.C.C. Limitations and Penalties:
Blind to the Supernatural.
The Nega-Psychic's refusal to believe in any of it - the paranormal, magic and the supernatural - means he saves against all of it, and is resistant to psychic powers both helpful and detrimental. Furthermore, the character can never understand or imagine the supernatural world, the paranormal or magic.
The palpable negative energy emanating from the NegaPsychic chases away most Prankster supernatural beings, so the character will NEVER be bothered by, or see, a Stealer, Scurrier, Poltergeist, Haunting Entity, or any Entity for that matter, because they are repelled by the negative vibes. Likewise, intelligent supernatural beings, including some Predators, sense this character is not a threat to them because he doesn't believe in them and they know that he doesn't want
to find them. Consequently, if they just stay out of his way and wait, the Nega-Psychic will rationalize why they "do not" exist and weave a convenient cover story for their activities.
The Nega-Psychic can NOT see the invisible.
The Nega-Psychic is impervious to mental and magical illusions, chalking up other people's strange behavior and reports of seeing things he knows for a fact were not there or never happened (because he didn't see them) to hysteria, psychotic episodes, drugs, drink, delusion, trickery and lies. In the Nega-Psychic's eyes, such claims from otherwise respected individuals and investigators damage the credibility of all their claims, reports and theories.

P.P.E. (Potential Psychic Energy) Points:
Roll 1D6+6 to start, and +2 per level of experience starting with level two. Double the negative P.P.E. when facing Demonic Servants, quadruple the number and double the range of the disruptive force when dealing with Ancient Evil (Demon Lords and Dark Gods) or an Alien Intelligence.

Here's the relevant quote on accepting the supernatural.
Recovering P.P.E.:
The Nega-Psychic never loses his P.P.E., it defies normal convention and supplies the character with unique defenses rooted in denial. If the Nega-Psychic should ever come to accept the supernatural, reduce his P.P.E. Base and bonuses by half, and delete all special P.C.C. Abilities of Disruption.

Acceptance has two consquences.

The first, reduce his P.P.E. Base and bonuses by half, is pretty straight forward. The initial 1d6+6 P.P.E. is divided in half. Any bonus based on leveling up is divided in half. Future P.P.E. acquisition is halved (to +1 per level). Any accrued P.C.C. Bonuses are halved. Further P.C.C. bonuses acquisitions are accrued at every other indicated level rather than every indicated level (i.e., save vs Horror Factor at levels 3, 7, 11, and 15 rather than at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. But do they lose the automatic saves vs the listed psychic powers and the immunity to possessions and illusions?

The second, delete all special P.C.C. Abilities of Disruption, is trickier. Obviously, number 2, Psychic and Paranormal Disruptor, is lost. But number 3, The Skeptic's Viewpoint, is just fluff; there's no mechanics to lose. But do the Nega-Psyhics lose number 1, Mind Block Auto-Defense?

I'm torn between just losing all Special P.C.C. Anti-Psychic Abilities, automatic saves, and immunities or just losing Special P.C.C. Anti-Psychic Ability 2. So I'm looking for opinions.

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