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Unread postPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2021 3:25 pm

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SALE #1 – Palladium’s Black Friday & Cyber-Monday SALE starts right now – today thru Wednesday, December 1. The majority of the following game lines are on sale at big savings, while supplies last. Sorry, other than RUE, hardcovers are not part of the sale. ... Items.html

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale – now thru the weekend

Rifts® Notepad & Pencil Set – one notepad and 5 different pencils – Cat. No. 2603 (set)
Rifts® Ultimate Edition “Softcover” – Cat. No. 800SE
Rifts® Ultimate Edition Hardcover – Cat. No. 800HC
Rifts® & The Megaverse®, the Art of John Zeleznik – Cat. No. 2510
Future Visions, The Art of Charles Walton – Cat. No. 2562
Rifts® titles (most).
All Rifts® Chaos Earth® titles (except hardcover)
The Rifter® (at least those in stock).
All Dead Reign® Zombie titles, except hardcover.
All Heroes Unlimited™ titles (except hardcover).
All Nightbane® titles (except hardcover).
All After the Bomb® titles – Reminder, you can create mutant animal super-heroes using the After the Bomb® RPG and sourcebooks. And/or add them to your Heroes Unlimited™ campaign and even Nightbane® and Rifts®, or as aliens from other worlds, etc. Unleash your imagination.

SALE #2 The Palladium X-Mas Surprise Package. ... ckage.html

$95-$100 worth of goodies (often more) for $55 (plus shipping and handling). Books are signed if you want them to be. It is just 4 weeks till Christmas and Kwanzaa, and only 4 days till Hanukkah (starts November 28)! Less time when you account for the time to process and ship orders, so this weekend and next are the perfect time to place your holiday orders. Offer ends December 24, 2020. A great gift for any holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, a nice treat for yourself (you deserve it), or a way to try new settings, and fill your collection.


Kevin’s Toys, Art and Collectibles SALE – now through December 7, 2021. Negatives at half-price, but also on sale are toys (Star Wars, Marvel and DC superheroes, etc.), Palladium collectibles, and a variety of proofreader copies, hardcover Printer Proofs and more all on sale now through December 7. Check it out at:

Unread postPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2021 12:59 pm

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Totally took advantage of this sale. Also, it was fun to talk to Alex on the phone :D Its neat putting voices to names and faces when you deal with so much online interaction in this day and age.

Thanks for your help Alex!

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