Palladium Books® – Weekly Update – May 14, 2020

One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

By Kevin Siembieda

In the Face of Death™, an epic sourcebook for Dead Reign®, has been typeset and is in the layout stage of final production. It should go to the printer on Friday or Monday! This book goes beyond the common tropes of the setting, characters, and adventures for the Zombie Apocalypse. Like Garden of the Gods™, it is filled with material for both players and Game Masters. I was truly inspired while writing it, which is why it grew from a 96 page book to 160 pages of crunchy and fluffy goodness.

I also have been working on Coalition Manhunters™, among other projects, and I remain hot writing and inspired. More Coalition States secrets are revealed and epic characters and dangerous villains are all part of this fun book. Who watches the watchmen? CS Manhunters. More insight on CS psychics, new psionics, Psi-Battalion, and fodder for adventure as we build up to something big brewing.

The power, magic, and majesty of role-playing games

The uncertainty and feeling of helplessness surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic is the worst of what we are all experiencing. Thankfully, we gamers have the power of role-playing games and our imaginations to help us through it, and that is something very powerful, indeed.

I’m not just talking about escaping into our games and exploring the infinite Megaverse®. I’m talking about how RPGs bring us together even under the worst of circumstances. How it creates lasting friendships and powerful memories. Memories, past and present, that bring us joy and laughter, fun and camaraderie the likes of which no other type of game can provide. It is why I love role-playing games and have dedicated my life to making them.

I was recently reminded about the power of role-playing games by the multitude of gamers – most of whom I have never met in person – who have been reaching out to me during these trying times. They have been sending me their thanks and words of appreciation that touch my soul and humble and inspire me.

I have gotten many warm and heartfelt missives, but one from a gent named Shane captures best what I’m talking about. His message was funny and sincere and full of warmth and energy. I loved reading every word, and I want to share it with you. I have shortened it, taking out the personal history, so I hope the words I am sharing are not diminished in any way.

Here, in part, is what Shane wrote, but dozens of you have shared similar sentiments with me. And I know many of you feel the same.

“Hey there team, I just wanted to get a word out to Kevin Siembieda. Hi Kevin, so when I was a kid, my older brother and his friends were playing this game called Rifts® ... I have made countless characters, played countless missions and spent so many weekends getting lost in your world. You helped shape my sensibilities and my creativity. You’ve inspired me to make, to play and to balance.

“The effect Rifts® has had on my mind, I couldn’t even extrapolate. In high school, I would doodle characters and NPCs on my tests. In college I traveled home on the weekends to play Rifts® with my friends back East. Now, in this strange time, my old friends are contacting me from around the world, and we are playing Rifts® through video chat and connecting again like we haven’t in years.

“As I’m diving back into the books, re-reading the powers of vampires and more, getting to explore South America for the first time ... I was overcome with this sense of gratitude and love, knowing that the adventures we went on meant as much to my friends as they did to me. They didn’t forget and they cared, they enjoyed, they loved these adventures just like I did.

“Now that I’ve opened this box, I now have nine friends contacting me for [new] missions. Some are doing solo, some are groups and some are trying to join other campaigns ... Thank you Kevin for putting your heart and soul into the game I love. – S.S.”

You are very welcome Shane, but I don’t know any other way to make these RPGs and sourcebooks than to put my heart and soul into them. Thank you for so eloquently encapsulating the real power of role-playing games: the lasting friendships, the joy, and the wonderful memories that last a lifetime. I am so happy that you and many other gamers are gathering family and friends to reunite with old friends, and make new ones with new adventures filled with heroics and courage, fun and laughter built from the stuff of imagination. The fact that any of it is inspired by my work is humbling and gratifying. My thanks to you and the many other people who have reached out to me. Your kind words mean so much to me and help to fuel my energy to create new books and keep Palladium going.

I know the opening to this Weekly Update is unusual, but I was so touched by Shane’s message that I wanted to share it with you right away, not bury it in the middle of this Update.

When we role-play, we are the architects of more than just an evening of fun and adventure. It brings us together and unites us in profound ways I never imagined when I first started spinning my own tales of adventure way back when. I am humbled and elated that my silly little games and strange worlds can bridge space and time to reunite friends and families, and bring a little joy and laughter in dark and uncertain times. It is amazing to me that such a simple gesture can bring so much joy and love. That I am part of that is humbling beyond words. I’m just glad I can help in some small way. I have always been proud to be a role-playing gamer and storyteller. And I’m proud to be part of your world, your lives, as we travel through the Megaverse® together. Imagination is power. Please keep those glorious imaginations burning bright and make some new memories.

Um, now back to our regularly scheduled Update. For more personal insight, see Closing Thoughts.

Our luck continues to hold. Everyone at Palladium Books is healthy and hanging tough in isolation. I hope all of you are doing well and I pray that the easing of Stay-at-Home sanctions in many states goes well without serious incident. We need to reopen businesses in a smart and measured way. Fingers crossed for everyone!

I have been working away on my many fronts and my writing has been red hot. Inspired by you, your kind words, and continuing support via purchases of books and PDF titles. Thank you. New books are getting finished, artwork is rolling in, and I am toiling away for all our benefit.

Gamers really enjoyed our two sales, especially the Monsters & Aliens SALE on, so I will try to dream up a new sale in a week or two. The PDF of Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One remains a hot commodity and books across the board are selling well. Which is nice to see and very encouraging.

Rifts Bestiary One PDF on DriveThruRPG

UPDATE: Low Stock product going to the printer. I will be sending in several titles for short run reprinting so we do not run out of things when distributors roll back into action next week. That includes Island at the Edge of the World (Fantasy) which sold out last weekend and The Mechanoid Invasion® RPG Trilogy that has been out of print for a while.

UPDATE: USPS Mail Service slow but steady: I have noticed the US Mail has been inconsistent and slow at times. I assume this is due to the situation with the coronavirus and the zillions of packages being delivered daily. So please be patient and understanding. Wait a few (3-5) extra days (make that 12-14 if sent by Media Mail). However, if it has been longer than that, please reach out to Palladium via the Help Desk or by phone (734-721-2903) and I will look into the matter as quickly as I can. I have noticed Media Mail, which usually takes 3-6 days to most locations, has been taking 3-16 days. Faster types of mail seem to be off by only a few extra days, and UPS seems to be as reliable as usual, or off by only 1-2 days. Note: If you call the office, you are almost certain to get the answering machine. Leave a message and your phone number and someone will get back to you.

Rifts Ultimate Edition

BACK IN STOCK – Rifts® Ultimate Edition – Cat. No. 800HC – Available now

This big, 376 page role-playing game is everything you need to start playing Rifts®. Just add some dice, some players, and a heaping helping of imagination and you are ready to go.

If you have never played the rich, unpredictable, genre-melding Rifts® setting, you are missing epic adventure that never grows old, because anything is possible. No other RPG blends science fiction, fantasy, horror, and post-apocalyptic adventure with demons and aliens, robots and cyborgs, magic and the supernatural in such a plausible and dynamic way. A setting that lets you play any type and style of game you can imagine. With characters like Dragon Hatchlings, Cyber-Knights, Glitter Boys, Ley Line Walkers, Techno-Wizards, and Juicers that challenge the imagination. And those are just a tiny handful of the O.C.C.s you can play in Rifts®. Not to mention hundreds of different alien, supernatural, magical, and other beings available as player characters. All of it set on an Earth that is both familiar and as alien as a thousand different planets. So check it out, build your character, start a campaign, and watch your characters become legends. There has never been another RPG quite like Rifts®.

Rifts Ultimate Edition

Rifts Poker Deck One Rifts Poker Deck Two

BACK IN STOCK – Rifts® Poker Decks – Available now

Both decks are gorgeous, different, and fun. Between folks stuck at home and the recent release of the four new Rifts® for Savage Worlds® sourcebooks, the Rifts® card decks blew off the shelf. We sent them in for reprint as soon as we could and they arrived yesterday. Both decks are full of powerful, fan favorite artwork and are fun to use or tuck away in your collection. Available now.

- Rifts® Poker Deck #1 Color – Cat. No. 2575

Rifts Poker Deck One

- Rifts® Poker Deck #2 Black & White Line Art – Cat. No. 2576

Rifts Poker Deck Two

Rifts Warlords of Russia

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® W.B. 17: Warlords of Russia – Cat. No. 832 – now shipping

A toy box of whacked out Russian cyborgs, bionics, and weapons, plus the Warlords of Russia, their armies and politics, a glimpse at the Sovietski war machine, 17 new O.C.C.s like the Cossack Reaver, Hero-Knight and Ecto-Hunter, plus 10+ notable cyborgs, world info and more. And make sure you check out companion World Books: Mystic Russia™, Rifts® Sovietski™, Mindwerks™, Triax and the NGR™, and Triax™ Two for adventures across Eastern Europe.

Rifts Warlords of Russia

Rifts The Black Vault

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Adventure Sourcebook: The Black Vault – Cat. No. 855 – now shipping

Discover rumors about the Coalition States’ legendary Black Vault™. It is said to be a Top Secret depository for rare and powerful magic items and mystic artifacts the CS does not want loose in the world. 101 magic items and secrets await.

Rifts The Black Vault

Rifts Aftermath

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Aftermath – Cat. No. 846 – now shipping

The siege on the Kingdom of Tolkeen was just a hint of Coalition Wars® to come. An epic overview of the world after the Siege on Tolkeen™ and before Megaverse® in Flames™. The far reaching impact of the fall of Tolkeen, the rise of the Federation of Magic, and what is going on around the world, including the CS, Lazlo, Archie Three, the brotherhood of Cyber-Knights, and others.

Rifts Aftermath

Rifts Vampire Kingdoms

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms – Cat. No. 802-E

Vampires with real bite. Different types of vampires and their hierarchy, minions, and undead abilities. Vampire society within the kingdoms of Mexico, the cities of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, town creation rules, Hero Vampires, Deluded Vampires, Vampire Hunters, and everything you ever wanted to know about vampires and a whole lot more. Epic adventure and the undead await. Vampires as they should be. Also see the epic companion, Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook (Doc Reid’s crusade and much more).

Rifts Vampire Kingdoms

Rifts Book of Magic

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Book of Magic – Cat. No. 848

900+ magic spells, plus Techno-Wizard devices, Magic Tattoos, Nazca Lines, Whalesongs, Cloud Magic, Ocean Magic, Ley Line Magic, Elemental Magic, Tattoo Magic, Symbiotes, Bio-Wizard Weapons, Rune Weapons, Techno-Wizard devices, herbs, fetishes, talismans, staves, wands, and much more! 352 pages of pure magic.

Rifts Book of Magic

In the Face of Death

UPDATE: In the Face of Death (Zombie Apocalypse) – in final production

In the Face of Death™ is part survival guide and part cityscape setting that I believe is unlike anything you have ever quite seen or considered before in a zombie RPG. I hope In the Face of Death™ makes you look at the zombie apocalypse setting in a new and expanded way that presents to you an endless wealth of ideas and adventure. The zombie element really puts such a fun and deadly twist on the traditional post-apocalypse game setting. One where survival after the collapse of human civilization is complicated by the fact that undead creatures lurk EVERYWHERE. It is like the movie A Quiet Place only even more horrifying and suspenseful. It combines elements of survival in a post-apocalyptic world, horror, zombies, madness, and classic dungeon exploring with a touch of something different and unique. This is a book that pushes the genre and builds a world of adventure built upon human ingenuity, courage, hope, and madness. It is very close to completion.

  • Rethinking the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Survival in the urban environment.
  • Living on the rooftops in the heart of the city.
  • Urban homesteads, resources, defenses, traps, and more.
  • Death Cults, a different type of danger.
  • Bad people, Gutter Rats, Flesh Peddlers, and more.
  • Heroic Masked Lunatics – a new type of hero, as player characters.
  • Kids, teenagers, and young survivors as player characters.
  • 100+ adventure hooks and dozens of additional ideas to take your zombie campaign to new heights.
  • Cover by E.M. Gist. Interior art by Nick Bradshaw.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Mark Oberle. Adaptable to other settings like Rifts®, Nightbane®, Heroes Unlimited™, and more.
  • 160 pages – $22.99 retail – Cat. No. 237 – in final production.

In the Face of Death

Rifts Bestiary Volume Two

COMING: Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two – Summer 2020

This is the second big, “monster book” reference for Rifts®. We anticipate three volumes in the series, more if we decide to make ghosts, spirits and Entities and/or Creatures of Magic part of the Bestiary series. Much like Volume One, Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume Two collects 70-100 monsters and animals plus 12-24 new beasts found across Rifts North America. The anticipated page count is 224-256 pages.

Each description is updated, expanded, and highly detailed to present players with exotic and alien creatures as pets, guardians and riding animals, as well as slobbering monsters to battle and fierce beasts for Game Masters to throw at their players. Each is designed to offer adventure ideas, offers notes on young, adult, male and female creatures, and is accompanied by a map that shows at a glance where the beast can be encountered.

You have seen Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One so you know what you can expect in Volume TWO, though we have some fun surprises planned for it. Much of the artwork is completed, the descriptions have been gathered, and the rewriting and expansions started. We are anticipating a summer 2020 release (Gen Con?). As soon as it is finished and arrives back from the printer, we ship it to you!

All volumes of the Rifts® Bestiary™ series are a great resource for players and Game Masters alike, with creatures that can be used as familiars, pets, riding animals, guard animals, and in some cases, even unlikely allies. Others are slobbering monsters or ravenous predators that include humans and D-Bees among their prey. All provide you plenty of ways to enhance your characters and spice up adventures. And each has a map that shows at a glance exactly where to find these beasts. Ah, but with the Rifts and beings like the Shifter and the Splugorth, any creature may appear anywhere in the world, so be on your toes.

  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America organized into big, easy to use sourcebooks.
  • Updated and expanded descriptions and information for each existing monster.
  • Updated and uniform stat blocks.
  • New exotic creatures – predators, exotic riding animals, beasts of burden, alien horrors, giant insects, and more.
  • A map for every creature showing where it is found.
  • Easily adapted to any Palladium setting – Palladium Fantasy®, Chaos Earth®, Splicers®, Phase World®, the Three Galaxies™, The Mechanoids®, Heroes Unlimited™/Aliens Unlimited™, and others.
  • Basic S.D.C. stats included with each creature description.
  • Fully illustrated, with art by Charles Walton II, Ramon Perez, Robert Atkins, and many others. Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 224-256 pages each volume – $26.99 – Cat. No. 897 (Volume Two) – summer release, but taking orders now.

Pre-Order Rifts Bestiary Volume Two

Rifts Coalition Manhunters

UPDATE: Rifts® Coalition Manhunters

I think that Secrets of the Coalition™ States: Coalition Manhunters™ is also gonna be a fun surprise for people and is the next book to be completed. It provides a glimpse into the Coalition States’ Psi-Battalion and one of its top secret Special Ops divisions: the CS Manhunters. A group that can be played as new villains/antagonists or heroes depending on your game’s perspective. And I know folks are going to like the psionics. I’m assigning some additional artwork for it this week.

Pre-Order Coalition Manhunters

Chaos Earth Psychic Scream

UPDATE: Rifts® Chaos Earth® Psychic Scream

This is another book that is going to surprise and wow. New and insane psionics, some taken to the level of super-abilities due to the massive amount of P.P.E. energy surging across the planet and boosting survivors with ambient and alien energy. Some become heroes and defenders of fellow survivors. Some become power-mongers and killers. And still others become just one more monster or madman threatening to destroy humanity. I’m assigning some additional artwork for it this week.

Pre-Order Psychic Scream

Rifts Titan Robotics

UPDATE: Rifts® Titan Robotics

When I needed a break from CS Manhunters™, I have been working on Rifts® Titan Robotics™ which is going to be truly epic. Titan Robotics™ is a high-tech toy box of new types of armor, sleek power armor, giant robots, vehicles, and weapons sold by Titan Robotics that will make gamers salivate. Both books will surprise you.

Pre-Order Titan Robotics

UPDATE: Creature Feature – A Beyond the Supernatural Sourcebook

Creature Feature™, a sourcebook for Beyond the Supernatural™, is going to be awesome. I have been chatting back and forth with author, Steven Dawes, who also sent me a section of rules clarifications to look over and it is excellent stuff. The writing is crisp and clear, and Steven’s enthusiasm and love for BTS is evident in every word. Btw, as I mentioned in a Murmur from the Megaverse, that is the secret of writing a great RPG or sourcebook, letting your love for the setting and its players spill out onto the page. This is definitely more than a collection of Rifter articles. Steven has been rewriting and expanding the original material. I am very excited, and this is just the first of four Beyond the Supernatural™ books that Steven is talking about doing. That does not include my own Beyond Arcanum™ (boy, do I have ideas boiling for it) and Tomes Grotesque™ sourcebooks.

UPDATE: Forgotten People – A Fantasy RPG Sourcebook

I spoke with one of the contributing writers last week and his ideas for Bug Bears sounded fabulous. Because some of this material has appeared in past issues of The Rifter® you may think you know what to expect. You don’t. There is a lot of new and exciting material in this bad boy. Things you never knew and may have been afraid to ask.

MORE Material for Fantasy

Several different freelance writers have submitted additional and unexpected Fantasy material for sourcebooks. Though I have not had a chance to review any of them – too much on my plate at the moment as I stay focused on finishing books already in the pipeline – I am very excited by this turn of events. Palladium Fantasy is on the move! Heck, several game lines are.

UPDATE: Other titles – like CS Arsenal and Beyond the Supernatural sourcebooks

Please remember, just because I do not mention or list a specific title in an Update, does not mean it has been removed from the production schedule. All it means is that we are focused and talking about more immediate, upcoming releases, or projects we are excited about that week, or there’s no substantive news to report. We are anxious to put as many books you’ve been waiting for into your hands as possible over the next 18 months, as well as new projects being worked on by freelance writers. That includes Rifts® Antarctica, The Disavowed™, Rifts® CS Arsenal™, Chaos Earth® First Responders™, Land of the Damned™ 3, Rifts® Living Nowhere™, Beyond the Supernatural™ sourcebooks, more Fantasy sourcebooks and other titles. So if a book you are waiting for is not mentioned in an Update, it means there is nothing new to report, but it should still be in the pipeline and news for it will be coming in the weeks or months ahead. Right now, we are focused on releases for the next six months, which by our count is 6-7 titles. And many of them are in various stages of final production or development. We are shooting for one or two new physical book releases every month as well as a couple new PDF products on DriveThruRPG. – Rifts® Bestiary Vol. One is hot!

New on DriveThru: Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One sets a new standard for “monster manuals,” with in-depth descriptions of the creature and its life cycle, a map for each, adventure hooks, notes on young animals (different than the adult and not just lower stats), creatures that can be tamed and used as guard animals, pets, riding animals, and S.D.C. stats for non-Mega-Damage game settings. The latter making this big 256 page sourcebook suitable for almost any world setting where such beasts are possible.

Palladium PDFs on DriveThruRPG

In the works for DriveThru in the weeks ahead: In no particular order, the 3rd Rifts® novel: Treacherous Awakenings™ – the book everyone has been waiting for because it has been out of print for years. It wraps up all the loose ends and is an exciting and satisfying read. We also have a new Rifts® novel in the pipeline from Will Erwin, Duty’s Edge™. And we have not forgotten about collecting The Hammer of the Forge™ (cosmic adventure across Phase World® and the Three Galaxies).

Rifts Sonic Boom on DriveThruRPG

Recent on DriveThru – Rifts® Sonic Boom™. Follow the exploits of a CS platoon sworn to protect humankind from all threats, be they aliens, dragons, masters of magic or fellow humans out for themselves; the second novel in this trilogy, Deception’s Web™, reveals a conspiracy within the Coalition military that could spell disaster for our protagonists. All of it building up to the pulse-pounding events of the 3rd novel: Rifts® Treacherous Awakenings (coming soon). The Rifter® #84 offers adventure source material for Rifts® (Golems in the Myst), Heroes Unlimited™ (the City of Cascade by Wujcik and Reed), Palladium Fantasy RPG® (an Elven Kingdom), Beyond the Supernatural™ (an epic adventure, a short story, and a monster), Nightbane® (Spellbound O.C.C.), why The Rifter® is on hiatus, and more.

Also available: Free Garden of the Gods™ (Fantasy) and Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One Sneak Previews, and the Palladium Fantasy RPG® Interactive Character Sheet: A Microsoft Excel-based character management system. Packed with features and data collected from every official Palladium Fantasy sourcebook to enable you to create Fantasy characters quickly (25 minutes!) and help you to update and manage them for years to come.

Dead Reign® Paper Miniatures Volume Three: Zombies, Dead Reign® Paper Miniatures Volume Two: Civilians and Dead Reign® Paper Miniatures Volume One: Survivors. There are also paper miniatures for Heroes Unlimited™, Palladium Fantasy® and Rifts®. A new, up-to-date, PDF Palladium Books Catalog. Nightbane® Dark Designs™ sourcebook with 60 new Common Talents, 38 new Elite Talents, 18 new Morphus Tables, all other Morphus Tables collected and more. Systems Failure™ RPG, a 160 page RPG that deals with alien invasion and a post-apocalypse setting that is fun and dynamic. Civilization is on the verge of collapse when the so-called "bugs" invade and turn humans into zombie-like slaves. Monsters, heroes and fun. A complete RPG and setting. Rifts® World Book 34: Northern Gun™ Two: 256 pages of technology and fun. 30+ power armors, 30+ body armors, 15 combat vehicles, 45 vehicles (hovercycles, etc.), 10 robot haulers, the Robodome and more. Bizantium and the Northern Islands™: the northernmost part of the Known World, the Cold Born, Necromancy ships made from dead sea serpents, 15 creatures, Random Sea Monster Generator, and more. Rifts® Northern Gun™ One. This fan favorite might be thought of as the big book of giant robots – an in-depth look at Northern Gun, 70+ weapons, 27 robots, NG O.C.C.s, key people and places, and much more. Mysteries of Magic™ Book One: The Heart of Magic™ with Wizards, their Apprentices, nearly 60 new magic spells and remember, magic and monsters in the Fantasy RPG are easily adapted to Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, HU2 and other settings. Wolfen Empire™ Fantasy sourcebook, the Great Northern Wilderness and Killer Winters, 12 Wolfen Tribes, Wolfen military and society, 15+ creatures, 5 full adventures, 101 adventure ideas, random encounter tables, notable people, places, plus FREE Sneak Previews of The Rifter® #80, The Rifter® #81, The Rifter® #82, and more on

  • Rifts® is a genre-bending setting that combines science fiction, fantasy, horror, post-apocalypse survival, magic, and endless possibilities for adventure. Imagine a near perfect world of advanced technology 100 years in the future. Then imagine that world crashing down overnight in an apocalyptic upheaval not seen since the formation of the planet. A Great Cataclysm caused by the explosive return of magic. Now fast forward 300 years into the future where magic, dragons, and mythic gods coexist with cyborgs, giant robots and super-science rediscovered from humanity's Golden Age as humans rise from a lengthy Dark Age. But they must contend with countless alien life forms, monsters, and supernatural horrors from beyond the Rifts.
  • Rifts® core titles we would suggest: Rifts® Ultimate Edition, Rifts® Game Master Guide, Rifts® Book of Magic, Rifts® Adventure Guide, D-Bees of North America™, Rifts® World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign and Rifts® Sourcebook One. Note: The Rifts® RPG, 1st Edition and Rifts® Ultimate, 2nd Edition are both available.
  • 80+ Rifts® supplements, most of them available as PDFs with more coming. Where to start? Wherever sounds fun.
  • Rifts® Dimension Books™: Travel to alien worlds and dimensions via the Rifts for off-world adventure and intrigue.
  • Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG and sourcebook series (all). Live through the Great Cataclysm and the Coming of the Rifts. Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG, Creatures of Chaos™, Rise of Magic™, and Chaos Earth® Resurrection™ are all available.
  • FREE Sneak Previews for Nightbane® Dark Designs™, Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™, Rifts® CS Heroes of Humanity, and many other previews as well as free and low cost items that we make available. All of it adds to the growing list of Rifts and other Palladium RPG game titles available as PDF books, cards and support. A new title should be added every week or two, so keep watching for them.
  • The Rifter® #1-84, ALL issues of The Rifter®. Each issue is a wealth of source material and ideas for 3-6 different Palladium game lines. Most are easily adapted to ANY Palladium game setting. Each issue a gem. 8,500 pages of source material and ideas for heroes, villains, monsters, magic, gear, and adventure.
  • Splicers® RPG is like Iron Man meets Game of Thrones with elements of Terminator – except this army of Iron Men are clad in living body armor and wield living, organic weapons and devices. Created in 2004 by writer and game designer Carmen Bellaire, Splicers® was nominated for an Inquest Gamer Magazine Fan Awards Game of the Year, and has since developed a rabid fan base. Science fiction and horror where humans are forced to use genetically engineered, living weapons and organic war machines to battle an insane Artificial Intelligence and her robot legions. Unlike anything you have ever played before!
  • Splicers®: I Am Legion™ Adventure Sourcebook: 6 new Great Houses, 4 new Host Armors, 6 new War Mounts, 19 new Bio-Weapons, 15 new killer machines, new Bio-Enhancements, Amalgam creation tables, Legion and a series of adventures that build into a small campaign, and more.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®, 1st Edition Rules and sourcebooks. A unique world of magic, monsters and heroes. Dozens of nonhuman player characters including Wolfen, Bearmen, Ogres, Orcs and more. 100,000 years of history.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG®, 2nd Edition Rules and many sourcebooks. The expanded world of high fantasy, magic, mystery and heroes of every variety. Includes the Mind Mage and psychic abilities, mages and spells, magic circles and symbols, men-at-arms, scoundrels and a wide range of inhuman player characters including Wolfen, Bearmen, Ogres, Orcs and many more. 100,000 years of history.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ RPG first edition rule book and sourcebooks.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ RPG Second Edition rule book and sourcebooks. Create any type of superhuman you can desire and bring comic book adventures to life.
  • Dead Reign® RPG (Zombie Apocalypse). The dead have risen. It is the battle for survival in the zombie apocalypse, but this setting is much more than your typical zombie game. Play ordinary people or special characters better equipped to survive and hunt zombies. Many unusual types of zombies.
  • Dead Reign® Sourcebooks: 6 sourcebooks from Civilization Gone™ to Hell Followed™ (the latter features stats for 23 disasters, masked lunatics, 11 new zombies, 7 apocalyptic character classes, and more) are available.
  • Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 1st Edition Rules. Supernatural horror in the modern world. Play ordinary people, psychics, paranormal investigators or for something different: Victim Characters!
  • Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 2nd Edition: The complete, revised core game, 14 character classes and 42 occupations for "ordinary people," 100+ psychic abilities, 16 monsters, the Lazlo Agency, world setting and rules.
  • Nightbane® RPG and sourcebooks. An RPG setting we call superhero horror. Dark conspiracy, a secret, demon invasion starting with world leaders and law enforcement, and it is spreading. The player characters are the Nightbane®, reluctant superhumans who must turn into monsters themselves to unleash their powers and battle the evil that is clear only to them. A dark, sinister and challenging world of horror.
  • After the Bomb® RPG and sourcebooks. Planet of the Apes meets the X-Men! Animal creations, powers and more. Create any type of intelligent mutant animal you can imagine as friend or foe.
  • Ninjas & Superspies™ RPG and the Mystic China™ sourcebook. James Bond meets Enter the Dragon. 41 types of martial arts, ninjas, and super-spies with gadgets, gizmos and advanced weapons.
  • The Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy RPG is a long time, cult favorite with a fatalistic world-view of humans vs aliens with superior technology.
  • The Palladium Weapon Series of real world weapons, armor and castles throughout history. Designed for use with ANY game system.
  • 200+ Palladium titles in all, plus G.M. kits, paper miniatures and more.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ Paper Miniatures – Two sets are now available!
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® Paper Miniatures – Volumes #1-6 are available now. More are coming in the weeks ahead.
  • Rifts® Paper Miniatures: Men at Arms – $2.99
  • Rifts® Paper Miniatures: Coalition Dead Boys – $2.99
  • Rifts® Paper Miniatures: Adventurers – $2.99
  • Rifts® Paper Miniatures: Practitioners of Magic (new) – $2.99
  • Rifts® Paper Miniatures: Extras (new) – $2.99
  • And more to come in the weeks ahead.

Palladium Collectibles, Negatives, Artwork, other Collectibles and Toys are always available in Kevin’s Online Toy & Collectibles eBay Store along with other good things

My eBay store is one of the few places where you can find original artwork by Charles "Chuck" Walton, Kevin Long, and others, as well as one-of-a-kind negatives from classic Rifts® and other Palladium RPG books (they look awesome framed!), rare Palladium collector hardcovers, signed books, other Palladium memorabilia, toys from my personal collection and other collectibles. Check every couple of weeks because we often post new stuff or offer a new sale. There is a sale on negatives starting today, in fact.

Other one-of-a-kind original artwork available by me (Kevin Siembieda), Kevin Long, Charles Walton II (money goes to the artist), other artists, as well as collectible negatives, prints, limited edition hardcovers, proofreader copies, out of print items, Star Wars toys, Marvel toys and many other toys and collectibles from my personal collection. Alex and I will keep adding items as our busy schedules allow, but we have a lot of fun collectibles available now and coming soon. Hundreds of items. Take a look every weekend for new additions.

Available now: One-of-a-kind book negatives. Negatives were very popular items at the Palladium Open House and people went crazy over them at Gen Con – including actor Joe Manganiello who scooped up a pile of TMNT negatives, while Palladium's own Mark Oberle, Carmen Bellaire, Brandon Aten and a whole lot of Palladium gamers went for negatives from Rifts® New West, Lone Star and Free Quebec. Fun.

Negatives are unique and attractive, one-of-a-kind (on rare occasions two-of-a-kind if a page was replaced or a second edition was made) works of art that resemble woodcut art and are very dynamic conversation pieces. Before digital printing, pages of a book were laid out by hand on a board, and each page was photographed. The plastic film negatives were then "ganged" on a massive sheet of Mylar 16 pages per big sheet, and the printing plates were made from the negatives – everything white, printing black.

When our printer, McNaughton and Gunn, went completely digital, they asked if Palladium Books wanted the negs, otherwise they would be destroyed. Regrettably, I let a few dozen be destroyed, but the negatives of many books were sent to Palladium. They have sat in our warehouse for years until I started to offer them for sale. I have also started signing the negatives in silver and each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each negative comes on a white board inside a plastic magazine bag and looks fabulous framed! Fits in an 8x10 inch matt opening in a frame (each neg is roughly 8½ x 11 inches).

Closing Thoughts

I think I was born to be a storyteller. It is in my blood. My DNA. As a storyteller and game designer, I love to create worlds for others to visit and explore. I love helping gamers find and spin their own stories of adventure, courage, and friendship.

I’m compelled to do it. Everything gives me ideas for new games, new worlds and endless heroes and adventure.

I cannot describe to you how happy I get when I’m on a roll writing. Often the ideas come so fast and hot that they don’t even feel like my own. I jokingly say it feels like aliens are beaming transmissions into my brain and all I can do is try to write them down as fast and complete as I can before the transmission ends for the day. Crazy, right? But let me tell you, those frequent moments are an amazing joyride for me. An adrenaline fueled ride filled with excitement and wonder that powers my imagination.

The whole time I’m thinking of you. Thinking about how you will love to play this character or that, or how much a new concept or idea will send you on new epic adventures or wow you. I imagine how excited you’ll be to encounter a particular monster or villain, or to get a new power, and how your heroes will use it to do good, or how that may lead to more adventures. I get excited, like a child on Christmas morning, when a new setting, idea, concept, or approach to character development, gaming, or storytelling manifests out of thin air. I love it when I know I’m presenting something that will inflame your imaginations and inspire you to carry your own adventures to new heights and new places.

It may sound odd, but I always have you in my mind as I write. It is the Game Master side of me looking for new ways to intrigue and delight or horrify you. I have not seen most of the Palladium Defilers in decades, and yet they are here with me every single day as I write. I see their young twenty-something smiling faces and think about how they would react to what I’m writing. I am always thinking of them and you, and how much they and you will like and respond to new ideas, characters, powers, and challenges. I smile as I write material that I know will make you – yes, grown men and women – squeal with delight. They and you inspire me to push and challenge myself. To think of new approaches to role-playing and to push the envelope. I want to surprise and thrill you. I want to give you ways to breathe new life and laughter and epic adventure into our games. Shane was right earlier in this Update, I do pour my heart and soul into every book, because I love what I do and because it is a required part of the magic in making these games. I love everything about role-playing games, from running them to designing them and handing them off to you so you can weave your own adventures.

I am grateful and thrilled to be the catalyst of bountiful and joyful memories and friendships. I am humbled and still awed that my words and art touch people so deeply, and that they inspire other people to game, write, draw, design games, create their own worlds and legions of heroes, and to pursue their own creative course. That, my friends, is more RPG magic.

Though I grew up poor, my parents taught me to dream and encouraged me to follow those dreams. I hope I am paying that gift forward to all of you. Please, stay positive, stay safe, and dare to pursue your dreams. That journey can be hard work and challenging, but the results can be astonishing and wondrous. Remember, you are not isolated, trapped, or alone. Your friends and family and complete strangers are ready to go on adventures with you in realms of role-playing and imagination. Go there often and enjoy every moment.

– Kevin Siembieda, Game Designer, Writer, & Gamer

Rifts Bestiary Volume Two

Rifts® Bestiary Vol. Two – Coming Summer 2020

More monsters and exotic animals of Rifts® North America as part of an ongoing series of Rifts® Bestiary sourcebooks. The first two or three Rifts® Bestiary™ books will focus on monsters and animals of North America. They collect creatures from all current World Books and Sourcebooks, plus some new creatures by Kevin Siembieda, Charles Walton, and others. Presented in alphabetical order, with maps showing their range and location at a glance.

Note: The Rifts® Bestiary™ series is more than a few big books of monsters, they are deliberately designed to provide players with a useful, living resource (pet, guard animal, riding animal, food source, etc.) as well as present many and varied opportunities for adventure and fun. Some creatures are helpful, some are inadvertently a threat or danger, while others are slobbering predators or wicked beasts that kill and eat you, or capture you, or sabotage you, or worse.

  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America in a second easy to use sourcebook.
  • Predators, exotic riding animals, beasts of burden, alien horrors, giant insects and more.
  • Notable Splugorth hunting animals.
  • Some new creatures, but most are existing creatures.
  • Updated information where applicable.
  • Updated and uniform stat blocks.
  • A map for every creature showing where it is found.
  • Fully illustrated.
  • Art by Chuck Walton, Siembieda, Cummings, Bradshaw, Atkins, Ashbaugh, and many others.
  • 192-224 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 897. In production. Anticipating Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume Two to be a summer 2020 release.

Pre-Order Rifts Bestiary Volume Two

In the Face of Death

NEW! In the Face of Death – A Dead Reign® Sourcebook – In final production

In the Face of Death™ is part survival guide and part cityscape setting that I believe is unlike anything you have ever quite seen or considered before in a zombie RPG. I hope In the Face of Death™ makes you look at the zombie apocalypse setting in a new and expanded way that presents to you an endless wealth of ideas and adventure. The zombie element really puts such a fun and deadly twist on the traditional post-apocalypse game setting. One where survival after the collapse of human civilization is complicated by the fact that undead creatures lurk EVERYWHERE. It is like the movie A Quiet Place only even more horrifying and suspenseful. It combines elements of survival in a post-apocalyptic world, horror, zombies, madness, and classic dungeon exploring with a touch of something different and unique. This is a book that pushes the genre and builds a world of adventure built upon human ingenuity, courage, hope, and madness. It is very close to completion.

  • Rethinking the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Survival in the urban environment.
  • Living on the rooftops in the heart of the city.
  • Urban homesteads, resources, defenses, traps, and more.
  • Death Cults, a different type of danger.
  • Bad people, Gutter Rats, Flesh Peddlers, and more.
  • Heroic Masked Lunatics – a new type of hero, as player characters.
  • Kids, teenagers, and young survivors as player characters.
  • 100+ adventure hooks and dozens of additional ideas to take your zombie campaign to new heights.
  • Cover by E.M. Gist. Interior art by Nick Bradshaw.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Mark Oberle. Adaptable to other settings like Rifts®, Nightbane®, Heroes Unlimited™, and more.
  • 160 pages – $22.99 retail – Cat. No. 237 – in final production.

Pre-Order In the Face of Death

Rifts Coalition Manhunters

COMING! Rifts® Coalition Manhunters – A Secrets of the Coalition States Sourcebook

A secret division within the Coalition’s Psi-Battalion, the CS Manhunters hunt not only the most dangerous spies and fugitives, but also their own. Coalition soldiers, brass, government leaders, and anyone who becomes designated as having gone rogue, AWOL, or turned traitor (including the Disavowed), become targets of CS Manhunters to be tracked down and brought to justice. This elite force of psychics, Kill Hounds, and manhunters are trained killing machines who follow orders without question and kill without hesitation.

More often than not, the assignment is straight-up find and terminate. If your name has been given to a Manhunter squad, your fate is sealed, and no one is untouchable. The CS Manhunters operate in secret, find their target, terminate, and vanish as if they were never there at all. They don’t seek credit or limelight. They serve their country from the blood-soaked shadows.

  • CS Manhunter squads and special operatives.
  • Manhunter Killhound and Dog Boy O.C.C.s.
  • CS Manhunter Psi-Healer.
  • CS Manhunter Psi-Interrogator (Mind Melter).
  • CS Manhunter Psi-Enforcer (Mind Melter).
  • CS Manhunter Bursters and Zappers.
  • CS Manhunter Slayer (a variation of the Psi-Slayer or Psi-Warrior).
  • CS Manhunter Mind Melter, the most insidious and deadliest of them all.
  • Weapons, gear, and tactics.
  • Some notable Non-Player Characters, adventure ideas, and more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda. Art by Nick Bradshaw.
  • 96 pages – $17.99 retail – Cat. No. 894.

Pre-Order Coalition Manhunters

Garden of the Gods

NEW! Garden of the Gods, Palladium Fantasy® Sourcebook – Shipping now!

The Garden of the Gods™ sourcebook is a toy box of gods, magical blessings, ancient artifacts, and hundreds of opportunities and adventure ideas for players and Game Masters alike.

The Garden of the Gods is a place of miracles and wisdom where people of all occupations and races, nobility and the poor, come to find inspiration, blessings and adventure. Many insist the gods themselves are present and may visit heroes and followers in dreams, visions, or in person as an avatar. The gods also look for champions and assign heroic quests and gifts of knowledge and magic. Here, all gods are equal and many a forgotten god seeks to be rediscovered and worshiped by offering blessings, vision quests, and magical artifacts to potential heroes to champion their name.

There is also an dangerous evil on the island of Lopan. An open wound in the earth known as the Black Pit, as well as dark gods within the Garden itself.

  • 212 Blessings.
  • 101 Magic Artifacts.
  • 45 Forgotten gods.
  • 50+ Curses and dark magic.
  • 100+ Random quests and encounters, and each god offers adventure hooks.
  • Restore forgotten gods to power. Become a Champion of the Gods.
  • 5 Weapons of destruction created by the Old Ones.
  • Godly insight, visitations, knowledge and purpose.
  • The Garden of the Gods and its protectors.
  • Ghosts, Faeries, mysteries, and ancient secrets.
  • Rumors of a secret way to the Land of the Damned.
  • The Black Pit, a place of legend and dark secrets. Is it a counterbalance to the good of the Garden or something more sinister?
  • Easily adapted to Rifts®, Phase World® and any game system. One game system – a Megaverse® of adventure!™
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Matthew Clements.
  • 224 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 475.

Garden of the Gods

The Bleakness Raw Preview

Land of the Damned Three: The Bleakness Raw Preview – available now

Available now! The “Raw Preview Edition” of LotD-3: The Bleakness™, for Palladium Fantasy RPG®, is an advance copy of the unedited, unillustrated, working manuscript for this new Fantasy World Book. You get to see the unfinished book months before the final title is released. A rare look at the raw manuscript before final edit, rewrites and publication. Limited to a total of 200 copies.

This epic sourcebook presents the forbidden Land of the Damned in all its brutal glory. Includes information about the ancient and forgotten eldritch races, the Minotaur legions, dark magic, the Citadel, countless adventure hooks and ideas, and much, much more. The long awaited final book in the Land of the Damned series, with connections to the Garden of the Gods™ and the upcoming Lopan Fantasy World Book.

  • Limited collector’s edition – only 200 collector copies.
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • A rare glimpse at the virgin manuscript and a work in progress.
  • Written by Matthew Clements, based on ideas by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 96 pages – Limited Edition – $20.99 – Cat. No. 470-RAW – available now. Note: The finished book with artwork and more is anticipated to ship in a few months, but you can see what it’s all about right now and even start playing with this special Preview Edition!

The Bleakness Raw Preview

Secrets of the Atlanteans

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Dimension Book 15: Secrets of the Atlanteans

Learn about Atlantean civilization, the many clans, the mysterious Sunaj, where they are found across the Megaverse, why they hide and why they hate the undead so much. Also discover the power of Shadow Magic, how various types of Stone Pyramids work, and much more.

  • 60+ new Magic Tattoos.
  • 60+ new Shadow Magic spells.
  • 50+ new Crystal Magic spells and the Crystal Mage O.C.C.
  • Never before revealed Stone Pyramids described and mapped.
  • Stone Master and Undead Slayer, revisited.
  • Sunaj Shadow Mage and Shadow Assassin O.C.C.s.
  • The dark history, shame, and secrets of True Atlanteans.
  • Learn more about the famous Atlantean Tattooed Warriors, Undead Slayers, Stone Masters and other Atlantean heroes.
  • The Shadow Dimension and new Shadow Beasts.
  • Dark secrets of the sinister Sunaj secret society.
  • Who are the Sunaj and why do they hunt True Atlanteans?
  • Epic trans-dimensional adventure ideas and source material by Carl Gleba.
  • 192 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 890 – Available now.

Secrets of the Atlanteans

Palladium Fantasy RPG® Interactive Character Sheet

The Palladium Fantasy RPG® Interactive Character Sheet is a Microsoft Excel-based character management system. Packed with features and data collected from every official Palladium Fantasy sourcebook, this sheet saves you time and hassle with each character you create. Available now, directly from Palladium Books AND – this is a digital, online product only.

Features & Benefits:

  • The Main Character Sheet Page collects the important data from across multiple tabs and puts it in one place for quick and easy reference.
  • Separate sheets examine character construction (worktable), Skills, Magic, Psionics, and Combat in greater detail.
  • Built-in leveling system that calculates skill advancement for you! Experience Tables for over 80 O.C.C.s already programmed.
  • Recognizes the percentages for nearly 150 skills, plus combat bonuses for over 20 Weapon Proficiencies and 7 Hand to Hand styles.
  • Calculates the speed and distance a character can run and jump based on character Attributes.
  • Also calculates how much a character can lift, carry, and throw for humanoids, Giants, and Supernatural Beings.
  • Add in your own Hand to Hand style, custom Skills, unique Weapon Proficiencies, and Experience Tables.
  • Estimated time to build a character reduced by 20% or more.
  • Instructions on how to use the sheet included, as well as a video walkthrough below.
  • Important Note: This character sheet is built to be used with Microsoft Excel 2010+ and it comes in .XLSX format. Opening this file in other spreadsheet programs is NOT guaranteed to work as intended.
  • Watch the Overview video here:

Palladium Fantasy Interactive Character Sheet

Chaos Earth Psychic Scream

Psychic Scream – Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook

A storm has rolled in. A psychic storm. With the Coming of the Rifts, survivors are bombarded by terrifying visions and overwhelmed with powers and abilities they never asked for, and often cannot control.

Where do you hide from the madness boiling inside of you?

What would you do when you know evil lurks hidden among your fellow survivors?

Why do the voices of alien creatures speak to you?

How do you cope when the power you unleashed to destroy a monster and save the innocent, destroys everyone but you?

Have you become a hero or another monster born in chaos?

Are these powers your family’s salvation or their damnation?

Find out in Psychic Scream!

In the wake of the Coming of the Rifts, people begin to see ghosts and demons, they unleash lightning from their fingertips, command fire and water, hurl boulders and girders with their minds, and manifest a wide range of mental powers. Psionic abilities fueled by the explosive return of magic and the unchecked flow of dimensional energy that is off the charts.

Psychic abilities more powerful than anything known after the Two Hundred Years Dark Age. Wondrous and lifesaving. But also seething and out of control. The psychics’ own minds bombarded by feelings of dread, visions of horror, and the thoughts and emotions of everyone around them. For many, it is too much, sending them careening into madness. For others, it creates heroes forged from chaos.

  • Untamed psychic abilities. More powerful than anything known later on Rifts Earth.
  • New psychic powers and character classes.
  • New psionic monsters and invaders.
  • Insanity, side-effects and horror.
  • Adventure ideas and more. All people, powers and monsters that become myths and legends told about the events during the Two Hundred Years Dark Age.
  • Written by Taylor White and Kevin Siembieda.
  • 96-128 pages – $17.99 retail – Cat. No. 667.

Pre-Order Psychic Scream

Rifts Titan Robotics

COMING: Rifts® Titan Robotics

Rifts® Titan Robotics™ is high-tech toy box presenting new types of armor, sleek power armor, giant robots, vehicles, and weapons sold by Titan Robotics. Ah, but Titan Robotics is much more than just another weapons manufacturer, it is the secret operation of ARCHIE-3 and all part of his plan to monitor and manipulate the outside world. Learn about Archie’s androids that run Titan Robotics, his current schemes and plans for the future. Probably a 160 page World Book around $22.99 retail, but may expand into 192 pages.

  • New Giant Robots.
  • New Power Armor, equipment and accessories.
  • 30+ power armors and robots, plus other equipment.
  • New weapons, gear and vehicles.
  • Titan Robotics Corporation and structure.
  • Archie’s secret kingdom and plans for the future.
  • New O.C.C.s and key Non-Player Characters (NPCs).
  • Android executives, security and much more.
  • Wellington Industries, campaign prompts and more.
  • Art by Zeleznik, Walton, Cummings, Atkins, and others.
  • Written by Matthew Clements and Kevin Siembieda. Cover by Zeleznik.
  • 160-192 pages (tentative) – $22.99 retail (or $26.99) – Cat. No. 899.

Pre-Order Titan Robotics

COMING: The Island of Lopan Sourcebook, a fantasy sourcebook

The island kingdom described and mapped, rare and ancient magic, trade with the Old Kingdom, Centaurs, Western intrigue, and more.

  • History and overview.
  • Key cities and locations.
  • Lopan O.C.C.s and people of note.
  • And Old Kingdom City that is a trade partner.
  • The mysterious and nearly forgotten Mosaic Magic.
  • New monsters and magic, weapons and gear.
  • Written by Glen Evans.
  • 192 pages – $26.99 – Cat. No. 476.

Pre-Order Island of Lopan Sourcebook

Rifts Antarctica

COMING: Rifts® Antarctica

Rifts® Antarctica is a truly compelling and exotic land beyond what anyone expects. A frozen continent transformed by the power of magic and alien wildlife. Long isolated from the rest of the world, Rifts, D-Shifting events and the threat of war have now brought the distant South Pole within reach. And unearthed something ancient and so dangerous that even the Splugorth fear it and dare not go there.

  • New alien monsters and D-Bees.
  • Strange new weapons and vehicles. Some left over from the Golden Age of Humanity, others completely alien.
  • The Splugorth’s secret outpost. More than it would seem.
  • A Splugorth zoo and place of secret Bio-Wizard experiments.
  • Snow and Ice Golems created specifically for the cold environment.
  • Danger from the elements, Ice Witches, Icecraft, and other horrors.
  • Vostok City, a city of magic carved from the ice itself.
  • Cold-weather skills, technology and survival techniques.
  • Ancient danger and dark secrets.
  • Written by Matthew Clements, Carmen Bellaire, and Kevin Siembieda.
  • 160 pages (tentative) – $22.99 retail – Cat. No. 898.

Pre-Order Rifts Antarctica

Rifts The Disavowed

COMING! Rifts® The Disavowed – Secrets of the Coalition States

The Disavowed are so Top Secret that their existence is known only to a handful of the Coalition States’ most elite, top echelon, with Joseph Prosek II the mastermind behind the Disavowed operation, and Colonel Lyboc its shadowy face. Find out who these men and women are. How the Disavowed get away with using magic, traveling to other parts of Rifts Earth and even to other dimensions in pursuit of enemies and strategic information that cannot be had through conventional means. Learn about the secret parameters in which these hard-boiled warriors, secretly hand-picked by Joseph Prosek II, operate, why almost every mission is considered a suicide mission, and why they must forever be the Disavowed.

  • CS operatives so secret that even the top military and political leaders right up to Emperor Prosek know nothing about them. And if they did know, would they condone their activity or condemn it?
  • Are the Disavowed heroes or renegades? Assassins or soldiers? Madmen or super-patriots? Or a little of them all?
  • Unsung heroes who keep the CS safe, or thugs and pawns of a shadow agency within the Coalition government?
  • What role does the Vanguard play in this group?
  • How do they reward their D-Bee “teammates” when the mission is over?
  • What happens to the Disavowed when they have seen or learned too much? Adventure ideas galore and so much more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda and Matthew Clements.
  • 96 pages – $17.99 retail – Cat. No. 892.

Pre-Order Rifts The Disavowed

COMING! Heroes of Humanity Arsenal – Rifts® Secrets of the Coalition States Sourcebook

Rifts® Heroes of Humanity gave you updated Coalition Army O.C.C.s, ways to upgrade men-at-arms, new O.C.C.s, battle plans and strategies and tactics. CS Heroes of Humanity™ Arsenal provides an array of new Coalition hardware: weapons, armor, additional SAMAS, other power armor, robots, combat vehicles, gear and info.

  • New CS weapons and gear.
  • New CS SAMAS and power armor.
  • New CS robots and combat vehicles.
  • More secrets and information about the Coalition States.
  • Wild adventure opportunities, fun and more.
  • Part of the Minion War™ “Crossover” series.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Clements, Gleba and others.
  • 96-128 pages – $17.99 retail – Cat. No. 893.

Pre-Order Rifts CS Arsenal

Rifts Bestiary

Rifts® Bestiary, Volume One – Shipping Now!

Could the monsters known as Caterpillar Things be the larval form of the Mothman Monster? Is the Corrival Battler as aggressive and dangerous as adventurers claim? Are Darkhounds really magically mutated Dog Boys? Is that why they see Coalition soldiers as friends and allies? Ee-Bee Gee-Bees are kinda cute, how dangerous can they be? Is it true the animals and people slain by the Death Springer rise as zombies?! What on Rifts Earth is a Field Reaper?

This book reveals it all.

Designed with both Players and Game Masters in mind, with creatures that can be used as pets, companions, riding animals, attack animals, and even unlikely allies, as well as slobbering monsters and catalysts for adventure. Adult, juvenile, and young stages of life give every creature three different levels of power and danger. Presented as a complete ecosystem, with maps and details to bring each animal to life. All provide plenty of spice to add to your characters and adventures.

  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America.
  • 80+ creatures described in detail, updated and expanded.
  • New predators, exotic riding animals, alien horrors, giant insects, and more.
  • A map for every creature showing where it is found at a glance.
  • Easily adapted to any Palladium setting. Powerful art.
  • Includes basic S.D.C. stats for each creature description.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda, Charles Walton and others.
  • 256 pages – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 896 – Shipping Now!

Rifts Bestiary Volume One

Rifts Bestiary Gold Hardcover

Rifts® Bestiary Vol. One – “Gold Edition” Hardcover – Signed and Numbered – Now Shipping!

A deluxe, limited, Gold Edition hardcover, signed and numbered by Palladium staff and maybe a few freelancers. It is the same content of unique creatures that can be used as familiars, pets, riding animals, guard animals, and slobbering monsters as the softcover edition in a durable hardcover. Very limited run of only 300 copies, numbered and signed by Kevin Siembieda, Palladium staff members and possibly available contributing artists and writers. Note: Historically, Palladium Books’ Gold Editions have doubled, tripled or increased in value many times over. Valued as cherished collectibles. Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last. Please note the slight increase in price to $55.

  • Gold foil on a black faux leather hardcover.
  • Sewn and glued for long-lasting durability.
  • Only 300 signed and numbered copies.
  • Available only from Palladium Books.
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.
  • Signed by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium staff.
  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America.
  • 80+ creatures described in detail.
  • Same contents as the softcover edition.
  • New predators, exotic riding animals, alien horrors, giant insects and more.
  • Easily adapted to any Palladium setting; basic S.D.C. stats included for each creature description.
  • 256 pages – $55.00 retail – Cat. No. 896HC (Volume One). Shipping Now!

Rifts Bestiary One Gold

The Rifter Number 84

UPDATE: The Rifter® #84 – available and shipping now

The Rifter® #84 focuses on adventure in dark corners of various world settings. Places where danger threatens, monsters and evildoers lurk in the shadows, and people are in need of heroes. Adventure source material for The Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Heroes Unlimited™, Beyond the Supernatural™, Nightbane®, and Rifts®. And remember, adventures and source material for one game setting can also be adapted to other world settings with some easy and obvious modifications. Most of all, have fun.

Rifter® #84 Highlights:

  • The City of Cascade™ by Erick Wujcik and Matt Reed, A modern city in desperate need of heroes.
  • The Kingdom of Raf-Chalon™ for Palladium Fantasy RPG® by Glen Evans. An Elven Kingdom in the Eastern Territory™.
  • Golems in the Myst™ for Rifts® by Greg Diaczyk. Techno-Wizard experiments go wrong and Golems run amok.
  • Spellbound O.C.C. for Nightbane® RPG by Ian Herbert.
  • An Adventure for Beyond the Supernatural™ by Kyle Osterberg.
  • The Dimma, a short story and a scary new monster for Beyond the Supernatural™ by Steven Dawes.
  • 2021 Palladium Open House and other news.
  • Coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
  • 96 pages – $14.99 retail – Cat. No. 184 – Shipping now!

The Rifter 84

Six fan-fave titles back in stock and ready to ship

High Seas

BACK IN STOCK: Adventures on the High Seas (Fantasy) – Cat. No. 455 – Now Shipping

A big, fun book that sets sail around the known world and visits a dozen island ports including the Isle of the Cyclops, Y-Oda, Zy, the Four Sisters, Forbidden Island, the Floenry Islands, and others, each offering adventure opportunities, plus 12 O.C.C.s, character sheets, ships, Demon Black Ships, and more.

High Seas

Civilization Gone

BACK IN STOCK: Civilization Gone, a Dead Reign® Sourcebook – Cat. No. 231 – Now Shipping

Epic source material, a few variant zombies, 12 madmen and psychopaths including the Zombie Lover and Zombie Master, plus Bandits, Raiders, street gangs, house random encounter tables, and more. So much packed into this sourcebook.

Civilization Gone

Monsters and Animals

BACK IN STOCK: Monsters and Animals (Fantasy) – Cat. No. 454 – Now Shipping

120+ monsters, 200+ animals. Suitable for almost any setting from Fantasy and Heroes Unlimited™ to Rifts® and Phase World®.

Monsters and Animals

Armageddon Unlimited

BACK IN STOCK: Armageddon Unlimited (Heroes Unlimited) – Cat. No. 527 – Now Shipping

Can you stop the mad genius Doctor Vilde from bringing the Minion War and the end of the world to the Earth of HU2? New powers, new magic weapons, the Heroic Hellion, NPC villains, adventure, and more.

Armageddon Unlimited

Rifts England

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® World Book 3: Rifts® England – Cat. No. 807 – Now Shipping

Strange creatures and monsters, Chiang-Ku dragon, magic wands and staves, Temporal Wizard and Raider, Temporal Magic, herbs, Nexus Knights, King Arthur and more.

Rifts England

Rifts Merc Ops

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Merc Ops – Cat. No. 865 – Now Shipping

The name kinda says it all, merc jobs and job brokers, bounties, the 10 Most Wanted, plus weapons and gear and lots of adventure ideas.

Rifts Merc Ops

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