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1. Can Atlanteans get bionics?

Answer: Yes

2. Would a Thermonuclear bomb kill a vampire? I was wondering since sunlight kills them would not a nuclear explosion also kill them.

Answer: Sunlight harms vampires due to a supernatural effect, NOT the scientific effect of a thermonuclear reaction. Thus, sunlight will destroy a vampire where a non-supernatural thermonuclear reaction will not.

3. I have a number of questions about Machine People.

Do Machine People have internal organs? With Machine People, how exactly does their brain work, and will telepathy and other powers that affect the mind work at all on them since their brain is a computer and not a living organism. Do machine People actually EAT metals or do they just assimilate them into their bodies. Do Machine People have souls? Machine People being as complex as they are why do they not have their own sourcebook?


  1. Machine People do possess internal organs.
  2. They are not affected by either telepathy or bio-manipulation.
  3. They assimilate metals into their bodies.
  4. Yes the do have souls.
  5. There are no current plans for a sourcebook strictly about the Machine People; however, more information about them may appear in future Phaseworld supplements.

4. Does anyone know how to calculate the base S.D.C. for a reshaper in Nightbane?

Answer: Reshapers begin with 3D6x10 SDC and 5 times their P.E. attribute in hit points. They gain 1D6 hit points and 10 SDC per level of experience.

5. Is the Wolven's natural ability of Keen Hearing the same as the Hob-Goblins, including the +1 to initiative and dodge, as well as half penalties when blinded.

Answer: They don't get the bonuses or the penalties.

6. Is there a Vampire RCC for the Palladium world?

Answer: Yes, they can be found in Western Empire (pages 206-216).

7. Do the Psi-Nullifiers have the ability to disrupt magic/psionics already in process. For example, Bob the mage shoots a energy bolt spell of some sort outside of the Psi-Nullifiers 10ft. Radius at Frank the Dogboy. Frank the Dogboy jumps out of the way, but Laz the Psi-Nullifier is behind Frank and the bolt of energy was not intended for Laz. Would Laz be able to Nullify this spell or would he be pretty much screwed?

Answer: Psi-Nullifiers can disrupt magic and psionics already in process. The effectiveness will vary with the type and potency of magic/psionic involved as well as how far along the spell/power is toward completion.

8. Do Psi-Nullifiers have the ability to disrupt Chi points being used, same radius in the book or when directed at them?

Answer: No, they do not.

9. Do elves really get an extra shot with a long bow since they've had centuries of experience? 

 Answer: GMs options. Some Elves have never used a bow.

10. Does a Troll's claws do 2D4 or 2D6, because in the natural abilities you put 2D4 damage for clawed hands, but then in the "Other Notes" you put clawed hands doing 2D6, which one is right?

Answer: 2D6

11. What are the horror factors of the dragon hatchlings in the main Rifts Book?

Answer: Fire hatchling 12, Great Horned hatchling 12, Ice hatchling 10, Thunder Lizard hatchling 11

12. Would a godling have an AR in an SDC world?

Answer: They would.

13. In Palladium Fantasy would a godling have to choose from the same OCC's or would it become the Palladium equivalent ( Ley Line Walker = Wizard ; Shifter = Summoner ).

Answer: Use the Palladium Fantasy Equivalents.

14. Nowhere in Rifts England does it say that Chaing-Ku Dragons attributes are considered supernatural. I was wondering if this is simply an ommittance of this note or that they have standard issue stats in this respect?

Answer: All dragons are considered supernatural creatures with Supernatural Attributes.

15. The power ranges of the Dragon R.C.C. are all over the place. I was wondering why do they all use the same experience table even with such a wide range in powers?

Answer: If the GM feels that the various dragons should progress at different rates, he is free to modify the experience tables for his individual campaign.

16. In DB#2, what is the standard equipment and money for a starting Draconid R.C.C.?

Answer: Draconids would get starting equipment and money standard for either a Line Walker or a Mind Melter (depending upon their lifestyle choice).

17. When (if ever) can a godling grow up into a (lesser) god

Answer: This is up to the GM's discretion.

18. I just have a question about the Simvan that no one seems able to answer. How exactly does the Simvan affinity with beasties work? Are there a set of rules, like percentage chance of taming a critter? Or can you just hop on and ride around?

Answer: With non-hostile animals, the affinity is generally a given. With animals that are reluctant, skittish, or angry, the Simvan's chance to tame it is Base 15% plus 5% per level of experience.

19. Do the Bhlaze take 1/2 or none damage from energy? (They say they take 1/2, but they also include that the Bhlaze have Energy Absorption, which would mean they should take none?

Answer: Damage under normal conditions, but no damage if the Blhaze activates their Energy Absorption power.

20. Do Seerman and Talus get the extra dice roll like humans?

Answer: Seerman get the bonus die roll on any attribute. Talus get the bonus die roll on any attribute except their P.S., P.P., and Spd.

21. Could (hypothetically) a Chiang-ku give tattoos to Seeronians?

Answer: This would be up to the discretion of the GM.

22. Can Seeronian characters take space skills like movement; zero-g and pilot space fighter?

Answer: They can.

23. Could Seeronian Super beings take sharpshooting?

Answer: Yes, They can.

24. When a demi-god or a godling have power #10 (powers of a practitioner of magic) do the special abilities of the practitioner become natural abilities that do not use PPE? Do the demi-god or a godling get the OCC skills as well?

Answer: The Special abilities of that particular O.C.C. will be given, and if they have a PPE Cost, then it will have a PPE Cost for the Godling. Powers that do not have a PPE cost will not have a PPE Cost for the character.

25. Power #10 also states that the available magic is that of the level equal to the characters level of experience. Does this mean that the demi-god or godling do not get the starting spells of that practitioner but only level one spells?

Answer: The demigod/godling would receive the appropriate starting spells (even those above 1st level).

26. If a Demi-god had the powers of a necromancer, but the OCC of a Ley Line walker, would he/she suffer the doubled PPE cost for using non-necromagic spells? Also, if that same necromancer/demigod chose the OCC of necromancer would he have any special bonuses for already having the powers of a necromancer?

Answer: The Line Walker OCC would not suffer the doubled PPE cost for using non-necromantic spells. The Necromancer OCC would get bonuses (such as spell strength and/or decreased PPE cost, etc.) based on their level. The GM should assign whatever they feel is appropriate. Normally when casting spells if the character has multiple O.C.C.'s, use the highest level which is appropriate for the spell being cast or ability being used.

27. Why does Lanotaur Hunter in Psyscape have no skills, or OCC choices?

Answer: Since the Lanotaur RCC was designed to be a NPC villain, any skills beyond the basic abilities listed were deliberately omitted. A GM that wishes to allow this for player characters is free to do so --just extrapolate from comparable/similar existing RCCs

28. I have a question as to the Dragon-Cat, from Psyscape. It lists the R.C.C. as an optional player character with a high enough I.Q. to be considered human. Therefore, my question is why was there no skill package/selection table for such a creature? Also, what do they get for I.S.P.?

Answer: Dragon-Cats receive the natural abilities listed in their description, along with their innate psionic and magical abilities. To receive any skills beyond these, a Dragon-Cat would have to enter an O.C.C. Dragon-Cats begin with 1D6x10 I.S.P. and gain 10 every level of experience.

29. A burster sets a fire. Next action he fuels it 10 times. Can he fuel a section of it again 10 times ? (this would take us to 100 times damage and indefinitely augmentation!) There is nothing in the book that restricts it.

Answer: No, a Burster can only fuel his original flame one time.

30. An atlantean have 3d6 for PP stat. He also gets another one if he has a 16 or higher? In Conversion Book it is said that if one rolls a 6 on the extra dice he has a fifth one.

Answer: That is correct. You, can only get two extra rolls this way though even if on if you a six on the fifth dice.

31. Can True Atlanteans be Nightbanes? What other races can be nightbanes? What limitations would you prescribe?

Answer: The Façade of a Nightbane can belong to any non-supernatural humanoid races and True Atlanteans. For full details see Between the Shadows page 142.

32. I have a fairly important question regarding Rifts Conversion Book One. In the books, it is mentioned that Faeries are a fun and interesting optional RCC, but nowhere does it mention an experience table. My question is, what is the experience table for faeries?

Answer: As a rule, Faerie Folk have a set of unchanging skills and abilities. Each faerie type has their own R.C.C. skills but these don't increase with experience. At the GM's discretion, he may allow a PC Faerie to improve but this should be a very slow progression (such as the Dragon's experience table).

33. On the Zaayer Crystal Dragon the book says what spells it is limited to, but does not say whether or not it starts with those spells, or if it must gain them by others means.

Answer: It begins with those spells.

34. Are Psi-Stalkers an R.C.C. or a P.C.C.? If an R.C.C., what O.C.C. are available to them.?

Answer: Psi-Stalkers are an R.C.C They may enter any O.C.C.s that are not specifically denied them.

35. How are demigods and godlings handled in Heroes Unlimited. Do they received standard powers and what Categories do they fit in?

Answer: Demigods & Godlings in H.U. are considered to be either super-powered Aliens or Mystically Bestowed individuals. Just transfer their powers from Rifts over to their H.U. equivalent (extrapolating where necessary).

36. I was wondering how the Psi-Slinger links with the three handguns which are allowed to him. Are there any requirements regarding this linking or any specifics as to how much it costs, how long it takes, etc.?

Answer: Although Psi-Slingers start off with 3 PAIRS of guns (making 6 in all), they can only bond with 3 of them, leaving the other 3 normal. Thus far, three seems to be the limit of guns that a Psi-Slinger can bond with. It takes a minute and requires 10 I.S.P. to make the link.

37. With the Blhaze race from Skraypers the book states they communicate via manipulating energy and radio waves, does this mean they need a communicator to speak to others?

The 2 NPCs in the book show a -4 vs magic and psionics respectfully, and I didn't read a particular vulnerability in the racial stats. Which one is right or neither? Also the RCC stats show a +17 damage in ADDITION to powers and abilities, but based on the 2 NPCs this looks like a typo and the strength ability is all they this true? ;)

Answer: Yes, they need a communicator. The -4 is correct. The +17 is correct for a typical Blhaze. Individuals may vary.

38. In the Phase World book, under the Silhouette RCC. It does not mention Secondary Skills RCC related skills or standard equipment. was information left out or can I also choose an OCC? If information was left out please inform me so I may better my Silhouette character.

Answer: Silhouettes gain two additional secondary skills at levels 3, 6, and 9, and one more secondary skill at level 12.

39. Are vampires "minor supernatural creatures" for purposes of the constrain being spell and similar magic? What about lycanthropes and dragons? Does the classification change with age of a dragon or rank of a vampire? Are there any suggested guidelines or general rules of thumb with respect to other creatures (including shadow beasts and other spell-summoned creatures)?

Answer: Lycanthropes, wild and secondary vampires, and even dragon hatchlings can be considered minor supernatural creatures. Master vampires and adult dragons cannot be regarded as minors. For other creatures, just use their level of age and power as your guideline.

40. Do Chaing-Ku, particularly Tattoo Masters gain additional P.P.E. and/or M.D.C. as the gain new tattoos like humans, ogres and elves do? If not, why not?

Answer: They get the additional P.P.E. and M.D.C. like humans etc when gainiing magic tattoos.

41. Do Chiang-Ku gain additional skills as they go up in levels like other dragon hatchlings do? If not, why not?

Answer: Yes, they gain additional skills.

42. Rifts states that dragons reach maturity and become adults at 600 years old. In Africa, Abkii is listed as a 749 year old hatchling. Is this a mistake/typo, or do Chiang-Ku mature at a different rate?

Answer: Dragons generally come out of adolescence at around 600-650 years. However, as with many other species, there can be prodigies and late bloomers.

43. The P.P. and P.E. statistics for every Chiang-Ku hatchling printed (Fang Lo and Abkii ) cannot be achieved according to any of the printed rules. Are these characters typos or are the die rolls for these Chiang-Ku hatchling statistics (2d6+3) printed incorrectly?

Answer: 2D6+3 is correct for Chiang-Ku hatchling P.P. and P.E. However, a roll of 12 on the 2D6 allows for a 1D6 bonus roll. Thus, the hatchling has the potential to reach 21 in these attributes.

44. My question is from Rifts World Book 6: South America. Can Anti-Monsters get Boi-Wizary or not?

Answer: Although it is possible for an Anti-Monster to integrate bio-wizardry into his body, it should be extremely rare and difficult.

45. Can Mind Melters be Humans?

Answer: Mind Melters are considered to be a separate species from human.

46. In a recent gaming session a question arouse about the race "Changelings" With regards to "Changelings are asexual, having no one sex, they can be either male or female or both." Normally the word asexual means that the species reproduces without sex. Is this true for changelings, or is it that since they can be either, they can decided if they wish to carry or impregnate?

Answer: They can decide what sex they want to be, and whether they wish to impregnate or carry.

47. Why does Sargon the Hunter have hair? In Lone Star it says Psi-Stalkers are bald.

Answer: Psi Stalkers are bald, but who says they cannot wear wigs or have hair transplants.

48. Rifts England: Can a Chiang-Ku with 7 or more Tattoos cast spells?

Answer: They cannot cast normal spells, and would most likely be a Tattoo Master.

49. What ever happened to the 1st Edition's Mind Mage's ability to Teleport themselves?

Answer: A lot of the powers were revised to fit the standard system and that ability was lost.

50. How much P.P.E. & I.S.P. would a Carbarron, Praxian, Spherian, Garudan and Perytoinian have from Robotech 2 the Sentinels in a Rifts setting 


P.P.E. 3D6
I.S.P. only if the have psionics

P.P.E. 3D6
I.S.P. only if the have psionics

P.P.E. 5D6
I.S.P. Standard for their race

P.P.E. 6D6
I.S.P. only if the have psionics

P.P.E. 6D6
I.S.P. only if the have psionics

51. Can Dragons gain extra ISP/MDC/P.P.E. as it goes up in level or from choosing an O.C.C.?

Answer: None, until they go from hatchling to adult dragon status

52. What happens to special abilities after being turned into a Vampire (HU2 superpowers, RCC abilities, natural magic abilities, etc.) after the transformation?

Answer: They are lost, and the vampire has only the natural vampires powers and abilities

53. For something truly sick can a Changeling become a vampire?

Answer: No, they cannot.

54. The godling/Demi-god power of changing shape. The amount of time the character can do this goes up per level, does the duration as well? (One hour per level)

Answer: The duration does increase as a character goes up in level. But that is for the total time shape shifted per day.

55. What is the AR for a NightBane, I have looked and looked and I can't find it.

Answer: They do not start with any natural AR. Certain Morphus forms may provide a AR Rating. If so use that (though they generally provide impressive SDC bonuses instead). 

 56. How deep can the 1st Stage Promethean go underwater?

Answer: The best rules for these are listed in Underseas. Considering they are supernatural creatures, they could probably dive to 850 feet (259m), about as deep as a deep sea diver can reach

57. Dragons, in general, do they have to breath, I know they don't have to eat, but what about breathing?

Answer: They do have to breath, but magic can be used to assist them.

58. Is there any more official information on the Lost Ones R.C.C. other than the scanty information provided in the Mercenaries book?

Answer: There is no more official information on that race

59. I was wondering, in Rifts Atlantis it say that True Atlanteans can become a mind bleeder. Since it was printed before rifts Africa does this still apply. If it does could other races become mind bleeders.

Answer: The True Atlantean can become a Pseudo Mind Bleeder. With the same powers and abilities of a Mind Bleeder, but based on the True Atlantean race. No other races can become a Mind Bleeder.

60. In your view is it entirely possible to make a nine year old into a Master Vampire? I think I have all the bases covered and have written a six page prologue to the story telling that tale.

Answer: Yes, a nine year old can become a master Vampire

61. Does water vapor hurt vampires? What I mean is what if a water warlock and a TW teamed up to make like a steam cannon or maybe the alter physical structure: water power or alter physical structure: vapor power could be used in this fashion. What about a new TW weapon for psychics with the super psionic of hydrokinesis?

Answer: The water must be liquid to affect vampires, otherwise the humidity in the air would affect them.

62. In Nightbane, can you only shift into Morphus actually at night, or at any time.

Answer: Nightbane can change at any time.

63. What's the psionics for a Lost One, if they have any, or is the one in the Merc's book a race that gets an OCC with it, or can they get a RCC with the race?

Answer: The psionics would be the same as for a Mind Melter as well as the RCC experience table being the same as a Mind Melter.

64. Before I ask my question I would just like to say what a great job you guys have done on Rifts. Anyways, I was wondering what the average life span of the Azverkan (Rifts Mindwerks page 44)

Answer: There is no lifespan listed, for now presume standard human life span (120 years max) for that race.

65. Are machine people affected by phase weapons?

Answer: They are not affected by Phase Weapons.

66. About Nightbanes how long can they stay in Morphus form? Are there any penalties for staying in Morphus overlong?

Answer: A Nightbane has no duration for stays in morphus form, and there are no penalties for staying in that form

67. Can a Minotaur can be a blade priest or other O.C.C. that are not listed in Old Ones.

Answer: No, they cannot become a Blade Priest since they are not classified as True Giants. As for others they as long as they fit the guidelines for example any Man of Arms O.C.C. and it does not exclude them they can take it.

68. Can a Psychic RCC from rifts choose to adopt a Non-Psychic OCC at higher levels? Like, lets say a Psi-Tech becoming an Operator to better his grasp of the mechanical skills.

Answer: They can change OCC's but cannot select a R.C.C.

69. I was wondering if a race the Hawrk-ka (or any other RCC that is impervious to magic) would be effected by TW modifications to energy weapons, TK rail guns, etc. And where I could find this if possible.

Answer: Direct mystical effects do not effect them, so TK rail guns etc. will not effect them, but a rock accelerated to rail gun speeds through magic will affect them.

70. What about a True Atlantean Master Psychic from Psyscape, will he be able to transform himself into pure psychic energy as on page 30? In other words if it's a natural ability of the O.C.C. or from living in a certain place like Psyscape does the "cannot be transformed" ability apply?

Answer: Since this is a transformation they cannot do that. The only physical transformation that applies is the transformation to MDC from magic tattoos.

71. Does environmental body armor work while the psi-ghost is intangible?

Answer: Body armour does not work, while intangible attacks will pass through the body armour.

72. It lists in the Burster RCC as an available psionic "Resist Pain". I didn't see this psionic listed in either Psyscape or the original RIFTS book.. Is this a misprint and you meant "Deaden Pain" or is it a new psionic?

Answer: It is supposed to be Deaden Pain.

73. That the Burster takes 1/2 damage from Electricity. I was wondering, in terms of weapons, what does this mean? Do Lasers and Particle Beams only do 1/2 damage similar to the Zapper OCC?

Answer: All electrical based damage, lightning, electric fences etc do half damage.

74. How does a Psi-Nullifier (Psyscape) stack up against Martial Artist with Chi Mastery abilities from Ninjas & Superspies? Can the Nullifier negate any or some of the Martial Artist's abilities/powers?

Answer: The Chi Mastery powers are not magic or Psionic based, and as such cannot be affected by the Psi Nullifier.

75. My question involves Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse. If you choose Power #10 for either the Godling or Demigod R.C.C., can the magic O.C.C.'s to be selected also come from magic O.C.C.'s presented in later Rifts books. (i.e. choosing a Fire Sorcerer for a Russian demigod or godling or a Temporal Mage for a Celtic godling or demigod, etc.).

Answer: Yes they could select those magical O.C.C.'s 

 76. I have a few questions concerning the Changeling in the FRPG. Can they reproduce with other species? Example: If my Changeling marries an elf, can they have kids and what race would they be?

Answer: They cannot reproduce with other species.

77. Can Changelings detect other Changelings? I usually play it like the Immortals in "Highlander". They can sense each other, and what guise they're using. But they don't reveal this to other races. Is this good?

Answer: It is up to the GM to decided if they can sense other races. Many may know contacts, and changeling friendly places to establish contact with others of their kind.

78. I have quite a few of the Rifts figurines. What is the predominant body color of the Brodkil (I want to paint it)?

Answer: I have gone with either purpley toned skin color (sort of like light bruising in color). In the Rifts CCG they were given a light green skin tone.

79. Is the MDC transformation of the Oni Ninja something that has to be activated?

Answer: It is permanent, and does not need to be activated.

80. What is the p.p.e. for the Asgaurdian Dwarf and Elf in the pantheons of the megaverse book?

Answer: Elves: 5D6 PPE, Dwarves: 3D6 PPE

81. Rifts sourcebook 1 says Brodkil love to use magic weapons. Does this include T.W. weapons? (the illustration seems to depict a Brodkil wielding a T.W. Flaming Sword).

Answer: Yes, this includes TW weapons.

82. If you destroy a Vampire Intelligence, it destroys his minions. Does anything happen if you destroy a master vampire?

Answer: You kill a master vampire. No other effects occur

83. First the arcanist out of BTS can learn any type of magic by observation right, well on rifts earth that's quite alot. So what types can he/she learn? (circle, wards, basic spells & rituals, line magic, chi magic, blue flame, necromancy, spell songs, underwater magic, etc.)

Answer: They can learn basic spells and rituals, given time and instruction Chi Magic (see Mystic China for details). Other sort of magic cannot be learned

84. Can a chaing-ku give a willing person enough drinks of elixir in one night to control him/her, or must he wait the full two weeks before he distributes it again?

Answer: Multiple elixirs can be drunk in one night

85. Hypothetically (get ready), could an Enlightened Immortal (from Mystic China) using his Red Animus (that makes him impervious to all energy) withstand the blast from the SDF-3's main gun?

Answer: They would not be directly affected by the blast of the main gun itself, but they would not be able to affect anything else, and if in space it means they would be exposed to vacuum and a horrible death., radiation is also likely to effect them, plus debris slamming into them.

86. Can the Lizard Mage from the Rifts Conversion Book be a player character?

Answer: It can be played as a PC, but is not recommended

87. Was thinking about making a Phoenixi (its in Africa pg 60) it says that Phoenixi knows all magic fire spells is it talk about common magic fire spells and elemental fire magic spells or both.

Answer: Elemental Fire Magic.

88. I have a couple questions as to the Demigod. Elsewhere, on this FAQ, it says that when Power #10 is taken, a Demigod or Godling gets the O.C.C. skills of which ever magic category is taken. Do they get the related skills as well? Also, with Power #10, are Demigods limited to just Line Walker, Shifter, Warlock, Mystic and Necromancer, or are all viable Magic classes available?

Answer: They do not get the related skills. All viable classes can be selected

89. Do full sized zentradi become M.D.C. beings on Rifts earth or do they remain s.d.c/hitpoint creatures?

Answer: They are major sdc creatures with the equivalent of MDC when full sized.

90. You seem to have missed the ISP details for the Uziel RCC in Rifter 1

Answer: 1D6x10+ME, plus 2D6 per level. Hope this helps!

91. Can a Nightbane in Facade Form Regenerate? Are all of their common Nightbane Powers (nightvision ect..) all in effect in Facade form?

Answer: In Facade Reduced nightvision ability Sense Nightbane Immunities to mind control and vampiric slow bite. Immunity to transformations They do not get any other ability in their facade including the advanced bio-regeneration.

92. I plan on making a mutant Tusker as an NPC using TMNT rules. I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to Bio-E, size level, build, powers, etc.

Answer: There are guidelines in TMNT for creating New Mutant animals, but for a Tusker the following should apply. I have for a interesting exercise used the rules from TMNT to create a mutant Tusker animal.

SL: 14
Build: Medium
Total Bio-E: 0

Attribute Bonuses:

  • P.S. +4
  • P.P. +2
  • P.E. +4
  • Spd. +4


  • Hands 10 Full, 5 Partial
  • Biped 10 Full, 5 Partial
  • Speech 10 Full, 5 Partial
  • Looks 10 Full, 5 Partial

Natural weapons:

  • 5 Bio E for Bite doing 1D8 damage
  • 10 Bio E for Bite doing 2D6 damage
  • 5 Bio E for Claws doing 1D8 + P.S. damage bonus
  • 10 Bio E for Claws doing 2D6 + P.S. damage bonus
  • 5 Bio-E for Headbutt doing 2D4 damage


  • Advanced Smell (5 Bio E)
  • Nightvision (5 Bio E)

93. Do any of the books give stats for mutant penguins or kiwis? If not, would you by any chance be able to provide them, or at least make suggestions?

Answer: There are no stats in the books for Penguins or Kiwi birds. These best idea would be to use small bird for the kiwi, and no flight abilities. For Penguins, they cannot take the flight ability, instead as powers to be bought, a insulated feather layer, and swimming. Rifter #18 has official statistics for the Penguin.

94. In Psyscape, the prolog story for the Harvester, there is a CS Mind Melter with SF training. Does this mean that a Mind Melter, when first created can use the SF O.C.C., or does he/she start with the R.C.C. skills of a Mind Melter and gets the O.C.C. related and secondary skills of the SF O.C.C.?

Answer: That NPC can be considered a special case (like all NPC's), or a Mind Melter may elect to switch occ's (freezing their advancement as a Mind Melter) and change to another OCC.

95. It says in the conversion book for Rifts that creatures of magic, including Faeries, become Mega-Damage creatures on Rifts earth. Does this include Cobbler Goblins who are technically faerie folk who are creatures of magic.

Answer: Changelings and Goblin Cobblers do not become MDC creatures when on Rifts Earth (Many creatures of magic become MDC, but some do not).

96. Is it possible for a Nightbane to gain any symbiotic organisms to their morphus and not have them appear in their facade? Also, can a nightbane gain the powers of a Rianthenor, and if so, does the armour add to the existing powers of the nightbane, and does this armour also appear on the facade or is it restricted to the morphus?

Answer: No to all.

97. I am playing a Godling in my roleplaying scenerio. I am new to this and it says I have a regenerative ability. When my character loses a limb of some sort, does that mean that the regeneration ability will heal the missing limb or does it have any other effect?

Answer: Regeneration of Godlings, will allow the regeneration of lost limbs

98. Is it concievable that a Marduk or Zentran/Meltran would be able to take a Rifts O.C.C. should they become exposed to that universe?

Answer: It is possible.

99. I just bought Psyscape and a question arose when I started reading about the "Nega-Psychic" and the "Psi-Nullifer". The question is, with thier ability to null out psychic and magic power does that work on TW weapons?

Answer: The negation abilities only apply when charging a TW item, once it has been charged, then they cannot be affected by a Nega-Psychic or Psi-Nullifier.

100. If a Psi-stalker goes to drain P.P.E. how fast does he drain it? It doesn't say in any of the books that I've seen.

Answer: It takes 1 action to drain the P.P.E. of a victim.

101. About the extent of the psi-ghost's power. Can he walk through living matter, say a wall of flesh or the stomach of a giant?

(If physical attacks pass right through then I would say that the answer is yes). Can he turn himself, and say a 10 foot pole that he is holding intangible and then put that same pole into a vital organ in an enemy's body and then turn tangible and kill him?

Answer: Yes, he can walk through living matter. No, he can no do that with a pole.

102. And I would like an explanation for the instant death that a psi-ghost suffers when he is partially inside an object. Can he be ressurected from such a nasty death?

Answer: No he cannot, because the character will be merged with a solid object, both effectively becoming one. This merging is at the molecular level, and is totally different from most other kinds of death.

103. Is Dragon flight magical or physical. If flight is physical, how could dragon wings (however large) ever hope to lift or move 30 tons, even with my supernatural strength?

Answer: It is physical. Real world physics do not often go hand in hand in dragons, so you could say there is some sort of magical assistance to the flight if you wish.

104. What creatures can a dragon morph into?

Answer: Anything within the size constraints From a Rabbit, to a Horse, to a Bear, to a South American Condor (providing they know the form they are changing into).

105. Can the old ABM mutant mechaniods fit in the new style bodies of the new mechaniods without any reconstruction if one was captured?

Answer: Yes, the abm mechanoid organism can fit into the new bodies.

106. I notice that the description of the Oni Cyberai in the 2nd Phase world book mentions a force field, but there seems to be no details.

Answer: This was probably omitted form the final version, so they do not possess built in force fields. However if you wish them to have force field, allow them to have built in equivalents to the Naurni Force Fields.

107. Can a Wampyr from nightbane survive on animal blood and can said Wampyr ever gain super psionics?

Answer: Yes, they can survive on animal blood but the urge is for human(oid) blood. This means even after drinking animal blood, seeing human blood may spark hunger/thirst, and the need to drink. They cannot learn super psionics.

108. What would the Lantaur Hunter's bonuses be against a person who is mind blocked? Psyscape mentions that they are not as affective against such people, but doesn't go into specifics. It seems they should keep some of their bonuses since they are so fast, but I don't know what level they would be at.

Answer: They still receive the bonuses from their High PP, but the bonuses (including 3 of the 4 additional attacks etc) are lost while up against a character with Mind Block.

109. What is the experience table for a Neural Intelligence Robot RCC?

Answer: Use the Robot Soldier Experience table from Triax.

110. Are Wampyrs able to create other vampires?

Answer: No, they would not be able to create other Vampires or Wampyrs.

111. How many attacks do the Ashmedei get?

Answer: 4 attacks per melee.

112. Would a Zentraedi who was born micronized by two micronized Zentraedi parents be able to be Macronized? Is the ability to under go the Micronization/Macronization process a inheritable trait of the Zentraedi?

Answer: Macro/Microization is possible for true Zentraedi even those born of micronized parents.

113. What attributes would you use for a character who is half Zentraedi?

Answer: Macross 2 gives some bonuses for those of half or quarter Zentraedi blood.

114. Are humans the only people that can become vampires? If not what other races can become/turned into vampires?

Answer: Splynn Dimensional Market covers Vampires belonging to other races. Kydians, Kittani, and the standard player races (Elves, Dwarves etc) can be turned into vampires. Their stats will be identical to human vampires, though gross physical changes and their bonuses (like 4 arms etc) will apply.

115. Should the true Naruni of the original Phase World sourcebook be used as player characters/ optional p.c.? If so, what should be used as starting equipment/ money, and how should they be played (outcast, employee, etc.)?

Answer: That is up to the individual GM, as to what is playable or not. For Equipment and money, they would probably have the same as a operator.

116. Would the average 3 Galaxies person know what the true Naruni look like? How are they reacted to?

Answer: The average person on the streets of the three galaxies might not know what they look like, same as many races

117. When the Necrophim shapeshifts, can he take on the form of any human or nightbane or is he limited to one specific human or nightbane look?

Answer: They can take the form of any human or Nightbane.

118. Are the Necrophim's chains MDC in a Rifts environment or do they remain SDC weapons as they are in Nightbane?

Answer: The chains are SDC when in astral form and MDC when in physical form.

119. I was just wondering what the effects of snow would be on vampires such as falling snow, trudging through it, even as stupid as a snowball.

Answer: Snow has no effect on Vampires.

120. Could you tell me if a Psi-tech from Psyscape using his enhanced telemechanics could figure out Megaversal Legion technology including the anti-matter power core and the I-beam shield and thrusters?

Answer: They might be able to, but they would not have the technology to manufacture the items required to construct the items. Also please note that the Megaversal Legion does not allow their technology to fall in anyone else hands and will recover it with force.

121. In regards to the psi-slinger, of new west, and his ability to fire "paired weapons: Revolvers & Pistols (Special)" (Page 99), does this include energy weapons pistols? Or even energy weapon pistols that look like revolvers?

Answer: Energy Pistols are applicable and included in their Paired Weapons Skill.

122. I'm currently playing a star-child from the England sourcebook is there any creature besides a vampire which can be hurt by the light he can emit? Like a shadow creatures?

Answer: Those creatures that take damage from sunlight can also be damaged by the light from a Star Child

123. Is a Vampire killed by the light beams of a Star-Child permanently destroyed or will it regenerate?

Answer: A vampire will be able to regenerate from this damage. Only true sunlight, or the other methods for killing a vampire will kill it for good.

124. Can the Sea Titan from Undersea's receive tattoo magic.

Answer: No, they cannot.

125. Can Kremin Cyborgs (World Book 11) wear cyborg armor?

Answer: Yes they can.

126. World Book 11 says Kremin Cyborgs have the same skills as a CS Technical Officer, does this mean he can pick the 5 mos skills and from the physical category?

Answer: They can, however, the S.D.C. gained do not apply since they are borgs.

127. In the Villains book there is a race called the Toogarth but you never gave any race stats just the two Villains. could you give me those stats? 

 Answer: The stats can easily be extrapolated from their description.
Power Category: Alien
(Aliens Unlimited notes)
Step 3 - Super Powers 1 Major and 1 minor (Force Field, Extraordinary Physical Strength)
Step 4 - Education & Skills - Typically Military Specialist.
Step 5 - 
Alignment - Typically anarchist and miscreant
Hand to Hand Combat - Must be selected as a skill
Attacks - Determine as normal automatically gets 2 attacks.
Weapons and Armour - Giant Sized Energy Weapons, anti Gravity Disks Molecular Body Armour.
Alien Appearance - 
Humanoid Reptilian +30 S.D.C., +2 P.P., Claws Male 1D6 Female 2D4
Poison Bite added.
Alien Environment - 
Low Gravity height 5 feet 5 inches + 1D6 feet, weight +1D4x100 pounds
+1D4x10 SDC
+1D4 P.P.
Reduce spd by Half.

Remember the Female is larger than the male.

128. How exactly does a Tao Shih P.C.C. make the Celestial Calligraphy, and how long does it take to make them. How many can the Tao Shih have made? Is PPE and Chi consumed when making the Calligraphy or when using the Joss? If the PPE and Chi are consumed when using the Joss, who's PPE and Chi are used, the person who made the Joss, or the person who uses the Joss?

Answer: They make it, by writing the spell on paper, much like a traditional spell scroll from most fantasy games. P.P.E. is spent when the spell is inscribed for use later on (the stored P.P.E. then fuels the spell). As to time to create, simple spells can be done in 2-3 actions if prepared, while complex magic may take hours to inscribe before being released. You can prepare as many as you want, but sorting them out etc if there are two many mat be a problem.

129. In Rifts Conversion Book Two, the Norse Giant's attributes don't seem to include a P.B. attribute. I was wondering what it might be.

Answer: 2D6 for P.B. is reasonable.

130. On Werepanthers in Rifts Conversion Book One. The entry states that they are invulnerable to physical damage except from silver objects, but it says nothing about vulnerability to magic, magic weapons, or psionics. Would magic, magic weapons, and psionics all inflict normal damage to werebeasts?

Answer: Magic and psionics affect were creatures as stated under the Werewolves limited invulnerability on p191.

131. Werepanther is listed as "Five (4) attacks ... ", with the written number and numeral listing a different number. Which is correct - do Werepanthers have four or five attacks per melee?

Answer: It is 5 attacks.

132. It says a lizard mage can cast 5 magic attacks a round does that mean 5 spells of any level or just low level.

Answer: Just low level spells.

133. In Rifts, a Psi-Stalker can feed as far as 300 ft from his "victim". Can he shoot the target to feed? Does he have to do the damage himself to be able to feed or can anyone in the party do it? Can several Psi-Stalkers gang up on a target and split the "meal"?

Answer: Yes he can shoot a target, but this form of distance feed only occurs when the victim dies from the wound. They can gang up and feed together on a victim.

134. In regards to the Seraph in Conversion Book 1 on pg 203-204 it says that if allowed as a PC all stats are reduced by half in human form. Is that restricted to physical attributes? It has a 24 IQ, and it wouldn't be to cool if it was reduced to 12. Any info would be great.

Answer: Everything is reduced by half. Non physical attributes included.

135. In the FAQ, someone ask about if Chiang-Ku Tattoo Masters get additional P.P.E. as they go up levels. You answered yes. How much do they get per level they go up?

Answer: They gain the additional P.P.E. though gaining more mystic tattoos as they go up in level (6 P.P.E. per Tattoo).

136. Can a Psi-Nullifier nullify Chi powers used against him, as he nullifies PPE and ISP? (an official answer please, I'm looking for something other than "GM's Discretion"). If so, how much is nullified per point of ISP expended?

Answer: They cannot.

137. If a Godling or Demigod chooses power #10 twice and chooses to be a Warlock both times, can they thus use magic from all 4 elements?

Answer: No, 2 elements. (they cannot pick a dual class warlock with this power).

138. In Rifts: Phaseworld a Silhouette is a supernatural being yet does not have any Bio-regenerative powers. I was wandering if they would have Bio-regenerate or not.

Answer: If it doesn't have bio-regenerative powers, it should not posses it. Healing would be done at the hit point healing rate translated to MDC.

139. Could you also give my GM (who will be sent a copy of your response) the reason behind the Ancient Master starting as a higher level than other classes?

Answer: They are not beginning heroes, having spent years, or decades practicing the martial arts, and improving their level of experience (after all they are pretty old, and wise, unlike normal beginning heroes).

140. Question regarding Robotech and Magic. Since PPE is based on PE stats, does a Full-Sized Zentraedi have thousands of PPE? Or can they use magic at all (I think they would)? Or is a PPE reserve based only on micronized stats?

Answer: P.P.E. would be based on their micronized statistics.

141. For the Physical training character in Heroes Unlimited 2nd that focuses on strength and endurance, does he get the full abilities under the miner ability of superhuman strength (if that is the case, it is possible to get a PS of 45 or higher)?

Answer: They do not get all the bonuses from the power, but it is treated as superhuman strength for the purposes of lifting and carrying, as well as maximum P.S..

142. Would Psi-Stalkers be interested in the sludge the Xiticix produce since it is pure PPE and if so could they eat/absorb the disgusting stuff?

Answer: Only by ingesting it, but then it would poison the Psi-Stalker. The damage the poison inflicts is direct to hit points, so it has a good chance of killing a Psi-Stalker who decides to ingest it.

143. Do the Kittani RCC in Atlantis have supernatural strength? They are SDC and they do MC in hand to hand combat... or was that a typo?

Answer: They have supernatural strength.

144. Is a Vampire capable of entering the place of worship of a god of light?

Answer: The predominance of holy symbols will ward a vampire away from such places. The Miracle of concenscration in Dragons and Gods, will cause vampires who tread on the ground burn as if the ground was covered in holy water.

145. I was wondering if I played a faery if I could learn more magic. Like becoming a faery ley line walker.

Answer: You could not.

146. I had a question about dog boys. Could a dog boy that was born free be a different P.C.C. Could there be a dog boy burster or bog boy mind melter? Would you just use the physical stats and then change the psionics?

Answer: They cannot receive other psionic powers apart from what is listed, so there can be no Dog Boy Bursters or Mind Melters.

147. I have a question about the "Macross II" RPG more specifically, the Character Background table. Does a character have to be female to receive the PP and Speed bonuses from a result of "half-Meltran"?

Answer: They do not.

148. Would the Hawrk-ka and the other related races from Atlantis that are impervious to magic be affected by physical attacks from magic weapons? How about from punches from creatures of magic?

Answer: Physical attacks and supernatural strength will hurt them, same as physical manifestations of magic.

149. What are the race restrictions on vampires? Of course humans can become vampires, but what about psi-stalkers, gargoyles, or Spider Demons?

Answer: Supernatural creatures generally cannot become vampires, however most humanoid S.D.C. races can be turned into Vampires, and use the same statistics as human vampires. Splynn Dimension Market gives guidelines for non human vampires.

150. What is the P.P.E. for Utroms, Triceratons, Ghoulis, Ka'Tribs, Spineks, Havelsh, Varlesh, Leapers, Spasmosaurs, and Sporaks from TMNT guide to the Universe?

Answer: Most would be around 3-5D6.

151. If a God has a child with a True Atlantean then what does that child become? Does it become a generic Demigod, a normal True Atlantean, or a mix of the two (I.E. A Demigod with the ability to Sense Vampires, Use Pyramids, etc.)?

Answer: A Demigod.

152. Is it possible for a Nightbane to become a different type of magic user than just sorcerer and mystic? (say a Nightbane cybermage for instance) also what restrictions would there be? (say not being able to install cybermagic on ones self if in morphus)

Answer: Yes it is possible. Most magic classes would be unchanged, but the normal limitations like no implants etc will apply.

153. If a True Atlantean were made a Dragon Juicer would he/she still be able to use magic tattoos or would they be rendered useless due to the process?

Answer: Since a Dragon Juicer process is a mystical transformation they cannot become a Dragon Juicer.

154. In mystic china enlightened immortals with the power of ubiquity can create up to 81 duplicates of themselves, when these duplicates use chi abilities or cast spells do they draw on the chi/P.P.E. of the immortal or do they have their own energies to draw on?

Answer: They have their own P.P.E./Chi reserves. 

 155. In the Rifter (3?) it says that enlightened immortals with total mastery of internal alchemy can alter their genetic structure, can they develop super powers?, the special abilities of supernatural beings? Are there any special limits or can they become anything?

Answer: They cannot. Though ultimately what they can do is up to the individual G.M.

156. I was wondering about the True Atlanteans imperviousness to metamorphing. Does that include the magic altering ritual of the Lord Magus? Can a True Atlantean become a Lord Magus (Federation of Magic)?

Answer: That includes the transformation of the Lord Magus.

157. Are Nightbane allowed to take any O.C.C.'s, or are they limited to those listed under the Nightbane R.C.C.?

Answer: They can take most O.C.C.'s but cannot take augmentation.

158. Can a goddling receive magical tattoos and gain the benefits from them as well like an Undead Slayer would including the ppe and MDC bonuses?

Answer: Godlings are not human, so cannot receive magic tattoos.

159. I'll grant this is power-gaming, but what affect would magic tattoos have on a human if they were a latent Nightbane. Could they have any at all? Or would they no longer be able to be a Nightbane? The maxi-men are trained and augmented before and during puberty which is when the first transformation is supposed to occur regularly.

Answer: Since they are a latent Nightbane, they will not be human so cannot use magic tattoos.

160. Concerning the Psi-Tech R.C.C. from Psyscape. The Psi-tech has an enhanced telemechanics power that requires no expenditure of I.S.P.. What is the purpose of the double duration associated with this power? Or was that supposed to be double range?

Answer: It is meant to be double duration, while it has no ISP cost, the power is not continuous.

161. I have a question concerning a Psi-Ghost. If a Ghost is intangible, and sticks a sword into someone, and then becomes tangible, what will happen? Will the Ghost still suffer, or will it hurt the person who just had the sword stuck through them, or both?

Answer: The sword would be expelled.

162. Do the Chiang-Ku dragon R.C.C. keep there equipment, and weapons when they use there metamorphosis to change into mist?

Answer: No.

163. My friend and I are arguing vampires vulnerability to supernatural beings. He states that the wording in Vampire Kingdoms means that only dragons and other beings specifically named can damage a vampire. I believe that the wording implies that any supernatural creature or creature of magic, i.e. Nightbane, are able to damage a vampire. We were hoping that you could adjudicate this one for us. Even if only specific beings are able to damage vampires, would a Nightbane be one of those creatures due to the fact that they are the natural enemy of vampires?

Answer: Any being with supernatural strength can harm a vampire.

164. In Rifts: England, the Temporal Warrior information mentions "Traditional temporal warrior armor". I was wondering what the stats on this armor were? I can't seem to find the armor in the book anywhere.

Answer: Standard plate armor with a specific styling.

165. Does the Loup Garou vulnerable to direct Psi-powers (Psi-sword)? Because if I read the book right it seems to say they are not.

Answer: They are vulnerable.

166. In the New West book under the psi slinger there is no initial ISP listed what is it?

Answer: M.E.x2 +10/level.

167. If a True Atlantean took a martial art with body hardening exercises, could they become a MDC creature even though they can't be transformed. Lets say Stone Ox which gives 25MDC?

Answer: No.

168. Do the light shields created by the Guardian RCC in Nightbane take the form of a forearm held shield or a sphere around the body? If it is a sphere around the body, can the Guardian fire light blasts through it without damaging it, or do they have to dispel it first?

Answer: It is more like a normal shield in appearance.

169. Does the Splugorth Slaver from Atlantis possess 2D6x10 Hit Points or Mega-Damage? It sounds odd that a Splugorth minion wouldn't be a M.D.C. being (plus it has no S.D.C. as far as I saw). If an S.D.C. being, how much does it have?

Answer: It posses hit points. The process of linking with the barge removes its S.D.C. It does possess M.D.C. from the magic force field and can sink into its containment chamber in the barge for additional protection and healing.

170. I just bought the Dragons & Gods book, and I noticed while going through the Dragon section, that the in the "Bonuses (in addition to attribute bonuses)" section the Hatchling specification was left out? Are they the same as the adult, or what should they be?

Answer: Same as the adult dragon.

171. What is the average life span of a Brodkill?

Answer: 1,000 but most die young since they love to fight.

172. Could a Zentrati/Meltran become Tattooed Men/Women?

Answer: They cannot.

173. Could a dragon control how much they weigh while metamorphed? Or do they retain their weight no matter the form? How about other creatures that can naturally metamorph?

Answer: They can control their weight.

174. Does the Troglodyte really get an additional attack or it is a mistake? If the answer is yes, why? When does the Trog transform to fight? Does it have to lose a certain amount of SDC or HP to get into frenzy? If yes how many points?

Answer: They do get an additional attack. When do they transform? They do not transform as such, but are essentially peaceful creatures but when they fight they are fierce fighters.

175. I would like to know if it is possible for characters from Nightbane to learn martial arts from Ninja's and Superspies. Or maybe the martial arts from RIFTS Japan?

Answer: Generally they cannot take these forms. If you allow them they should only be allowed in Facade form.

176. Can dragon hatchlings turn invisible at will?

Answer: Generally not, it all depends on which dragon species and what natural powers they possess.

177. How often can a dragon hatchling and an adult use its breath weapon?

Answer: As many times as they want.

178. In Book 13: Lone Star it mentions that 1 our of every 200 Psi-Stalkers has either Nega-Psychic or a Psi-Nullifier powers. What it fails to clarify is whether the Psi-stalker keeps some or all of his Psi-Stalker abilities. So my question is, which of the powers do they get to keep? And if they have none of the usual Psi-Stalker powers and abilities, do they still have to feed on PPE or does the Psi-stalker now have to eat and drink like the rest, making them a Psi-stalker in heritage only?

Answer: They lose their current PSI powers and receive those of the other O.C.C.. All other powers and abilities of the Psi Stalker remain the same.

179. In TMNT the mutant Skunk power of well stink. The book is kinda vague on just what the effects are. It says something like save vs. nausea what are the effects in game terms, penalties, etc. of one sprayed by the skunk?

Answer: The penalties are generally social in nature. Until the stink fades no one will want to get near, refuse to communicate with the character, lead a distinctive scent trail. If smell is involved, reductions to the Trust/Intimidate, or Charm/Impress may be appropriate, likewise skills and abilities. But it all depends on the severity of the stench.

180. Can a Srrynn Cannibal (The D-bee on page 52 of Mindwerks Rifts Sourcebook Three) use magic weapons? They have a PPE base and it says in the Standard Equipment part that they are attracted to magical weapons.

Answer: They can use magic weapons (anyone can use a magic weapon - TW weapons are a different story though, not everyone can use them).

181. If a Nightbane's morphus has a horror factor (like from stigmata) and they have something to increase the PB stat (like fallen angel under unearthly beauty) are one of them cancelled out? Or do you simply have to successfully save vs. horror before a charm attempt based on the PB can be done?

Answer: A save vs. Horror factor is required before attempting to charm them.

182. In the nightbane setting if a reshaper transforms into the form of a natural creature such as a bat or a bloodhound does that reshaper get the sensory skills of the creature such as echolocation or heightened sense of smell? Also can they duplicate the forms of gaseous, liquid, or energy beings?

Answer: They do not gain these abilities.

183. How much SDC does a dragon's astral form have when they use astral projection?

Answer: They will have 2 x their Hit Points and S.D.C. combined. In Rifts use twice their M.D.C..

184. If a psi-ghost wearing mdc armor gets hit with a mdc electrical spell or blast from an ion gun while intangeable, is the psi-ghost instantly dead or does the armor take the damage, what if the psi-ghost's body is mdc or supernatural.

Answer: The armor does not provide any protection since it is intangible and the attack passing right through it.

185. Nightbanes instinctually have Hand to Hand Martial Arts simple so far. But does that mean they have anything better than the standard H2H MA stats? Case in point: A character is ex-Spetznatz, and so uses the Combat Sambo table in Rifter 8 for his Facade bonuses. However, there's another player in the group who swears that those bonuses don't carry over because Morphs automatically have H2H MA.

Answer: Their combat training in facade does not apply to morphus forms (both more differently, and while a technique in one form may be possible, the change of body may make that move harder or impossible to perform.

186. Could a Burster become a mega juicer without ever suffering from burnout? Would a Burster mega juicer gain powers from an eminent burnout?

Answer: No, burnout is inevitable and no powers would be gained.

187. I have a Psi-Nullifier, it says that these psychics are closed off to all other psychics, unless they chose to be. I was wondering if they are closed off to Psi-Stalkers as well? You know they can sense ("smell") and track ISP, can they sense and track a Psi-Nullifiers ISP since they are closed off?

Answer: They are closed off to Psi-stalkers.

188. The Conversion Book states that the Rahu-Men are creatures of magic. Does this mean that a Rahu cyber-knight can not get cyber-armor? Also, what types of augmentation can they receive if any?

Answer: Creatures of magic can receive Cybernetics and bionics at the cost of natural magical abilities. Those with magical regeneration will tend to expel cybernetic and bionic systems.

189. Does a dragon's bio-regeneration restore missing limb's like arm's, leg's, eye's etc.

Answer: Yes it can restore lost limbs.

190. Just wondering if you use one of the Aliens Unlimited races like the Titon in Rifts do they get to pick an OCC like a headhunter for example or are they restricted to the skills of a super powered character.

Answer: Picking an O.C.C. can be considered an option.

191. On seeing some of the FAQ concerning Godling and Demigod PCs, I come to wonder. Could a Demigod combine taking a Psionic OCC (like mind melter, mind bleeder, mystic, Psi stalker or any from Psyscape) and power #9 OR a magic OCC and power #10 for greatly enhanced or varied psi/magic ability and powers?

Answer: Yes it is entirely possible.

192. Can Orcs get M.O.M (Crazy) augmentation?

Answer: It may be possible since Brodkil Demons in Germany can receive this augmentation, but it is up to the individual G.M. to decide.

193. When a vampire changes shape into a bat or a wolf does it generate body heat in it's new form?

Answer: They do not.

194. From everything I read both here and in print a True Atlantean cannot be transformed by any means and under any circumstances. So that means a True Atlantean would never learn any metamorphosis magic's yes? Why bother learning what can't work on your entire race?

Answer: They can learn such magic's, and it is useful for transforming others not of their race.

195. Since the pantheons of the megaverse came out before Psyscape would it be appropriate to allow Zapper instead of burster or any other psychic classes.

Answer: That is reasonable.

196. I have a question about the Raksasha. In my Conversions book it says that there M.D.C. is 1D6x1000+500, but in my friends book that is a more recent printing it says 1D6x100+500. Is this a misprint or did the Raksasha change?

Answer: Use the details from the most recent printing.

197. If playing a plain 'borg, is it possible to switch to a new borg body from another place like the NGR or Japan? Or would there be compatibility problems or system differences that might prevent it?

Answer: In most cases it will be possible to undergo borg body replacement.

198. In the Palladium Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition base rules book, the PC Race Ogre description seems to conflict with itself. On page 306 it states that Ogres can be any OCC without restriction. Then further down the list of abilities is says "Psionics: None." Is this a typo? I have a player trying to create an Ogre Mind Mage (based on the OCCs Available line) and I'm telling him that Ogres don't have Psionics (and never have) so he can't be an RCC.

Answer: That is correct, since they cannot possess psionics they cannot take a psychic character class.

199. What percentage does a Anti-monster roll to see if their body rejects their impacts? Would it be better if they had a cyber-doc or a healer helping them?

Answer: The change of rejection (5%) remains the same, though having medical help available will help with the base saving throw vs. coma/death.

200. Can Ra-hu men become juicers? Mega juicers?

Answer: No, they cannot.

201. On page 87 of the Nightbane RPG it lists "S.D.C. (Facade): The base S.D.C. is higher than human: 30 plus skill bonuses." I don't know why I cant comprehend or make a decision to myself what it means. My question is does it mean roll up a human SDC value and add 30 for the base value, or does it mean use 30 as the base value.

Answer: It is a base of 30 SDC.

202. I was recently skimming through dragons and gods and I saw the combat stats for the ultucan dragon. the stats list 8 attacks per round and a fire breath, these stats are identical (word for word) to those of a fire dragon. The ultucan seem to be more of a manipulative dragon, so do they get all the attacks and stuff or was that a minor misprint?

Answer: It is correct as listed.

203. The dream object that can be created by the Dream dancer (or maker) rcc in Between the Shadows, does that only apply to the dreamstream, or can it created outside of the dreamstream in the real world?

Answer: Only in the Dreamstream.

204. The Draconid, Phantom, Machine People, Silhouette, Pleasurer, Vacuum Wasp, and Termite Engineers R.C.C.s do not have a section for Standard Equipment, Money, Weapons, or Armor. Can you make up a list for them please, hopefully starting with the Machine People. My G.M. just wants characters with just the standard equipment.

Answer: Give them equipment and money corresponding to their occupation (spacer, psychic etc).

205. Can a superpower hero become a vampire. if so what effects would take place.

Answer: If they can become one they will lose their super powers.

206. Would the Doppleganger or the Doppleganger Warlord from Nightbane be M.D.C. in Rifts?

Answer: They would not be.

207. The Bhlaze character from Skrypers states has supernatural strength as a power, does this mean he is categorized as having supernatural strength, or can he activate it on top of his 6d6+18 strength or on creation do you add the 30+2d6 to the already recorded strength.

Answer: They are categorized as having Supernatural Strength.

208. I will soon be running an Eastern Territories adventure. 3 of my 5 players are Danzi. I had a good idea for an adventure, but I'm not sure if it is possible. If a Thin One possesses a Danzi Shaman, can it create Spirit Tattoos? I seem to recall reading that a Thin One gains all of its host's knowledge. If it can create Spirit Tattoos, can it then teach the skill to someone else? Can it teach it to a non-Danzi?

Answer: They could create or teach the knowledge.

209. In the new west book the psi-slinger gets psi-sword at first level is this correct or a typo?

Answer: That is correct as listed.

210. If a Machine Person melded with a Spinnerette Interceptor from the Phase World Sourcebook, would they be able to disable the self-destruct system?

Answer: They cannot.

211. Could an intangible psi-ghost deposit an object (such as a grenade, fusion block, homing signal transmitter, timed bomb, etc.) inside of a creature or other object (safe, vehicle, engine compartment, nuclear reactor, cabinet, etc.) and make the deposited object become tangible, after moving safely away?

Answer: They cannot leave a object inside a creature, or where there is no space to fit it, otherwise the moment they let go it becomes tangible.

212. Using their Power Channeling ability, can a Mystic Knight recharge P.P.E. clips?

Answer: No, they cannot recharge P.P.E. clips using their Power Channeling ability.

213. I have a question about the Nightlords power over matter and energy. In order for the matter energy control powers to be used, do Nightlords and their avatars need to speak aloud like they are casting a magic spell or are they activated through thought like a psionic power?

Answer: Thought will work effectively, it is not like normal spell casting.

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