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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – April 30, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

Things are rockin’ and rollin’ in the Palladium Megaverse®. A lot of our time has been divided between work getting ready for the Open House, especially on the part of Kathy, Jeff, and Julius, while I have been working on . . . well, a little bit of everything: Robotech® Marines, Chaos Earth® Resurrection™, RRT and other stuff while orchestrating all aspects of the Open House. The days are zooming by like mad. Open House in only two weeks! Yoicks.

NEW! The Rifter® #70 – Available now

More than half of The Rifter® #70 is filled with “official” source material for Rifts®, Splicers® and Palladium Fantasy® written by Siembieda, Aten, Bingham and Sinsapaugh, making this an extra special issue that should have long-lasting use for players and G.M.s alike. New magic, monsters, strange tales, and places to explore. The Rifter® #70 shipped to subscribers today. Ships to distributors on Monday. Available now.

Every issue in 2015 celebrates the Rifts® 25th Anniversary with a Rifts® cover and an emphasis on Rifts® material. Amy L. Ashbaugh will be the cover artist for The Rifter® #71.

UPDATE: Palladium Open House – Schedule – May 15-17, 2015 – Westland Michigan

The schedule of events for the Palladium Open House is posted and available for your perusal. Though subject to some changes and additions, this schedule should be pretty darn accurate.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – April 24, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

This has been prepare-for-conventions week. We pulled sales stock and planned for PenguiCon (this weekend in Southfield, Michigan, where we have a booth), pulled and shipped prize support for MobiCon (10 Palladium game events, May 22-24, in Alabama), planned and prepped more for Gen Con Indy (July 30-August 2, always a lot to do for this big convention), and, of course, all kinds of things for the Palladium Open House (May 14-17, Westland, Michigan at the Palladium warehouse – it’s awesome). And when I say we have been working on conventions all week, I mean non-stop from 8:00 AM till 10:00 PM every day, with business matters and coordination of other products squeezed in between. ALL kinds of exciting stuff is going on. You will find all the details about some of it below.

Rifts® is Coming for Savage Worlds!

I accidentally created a firestorm of speculation and excitement last week when I talked about some of those behind the scenes projects under the topic of Rifts® is heating up. Particular my statement that “in an effort to truly expand Rifts® across the Megaverse®, in cooperation with Palladium Books, another role-playing game company is currently adapting the Rifts® Earth setting to that company’s RPG system of rules, as well as producing adventure sourcebooks.”

Well, this became hot news, with Bleeding Cool (a magazine I personally enjoy), breaking the news that the company is Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Deadlands RPG, Savage Worlds) and the game system will be Savage Worlds. Pinnacle followed up the Bleeding Cool announcement with this “official” press release, below. We’re delighted with the positive response to this news.

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