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The Palladium Digital Christmas Surprise Package

Palladium Books is proud to announce
our FIRST Digital Grab Bag

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Every Christmas season for the past 19 years, Palladium Books® has offered the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package for our pen and paper RPG games and books.

What is a Palladium Christmas Surprise Package?
It’s our way delivering a little holiday cheer by sending out way more value than the cost of the surprise package! Helping you get amazing deals while saving money for other people in your gift list.

This year we have decided to add a new Christmas Surprise,
the very first Palladium Digital Christmas Surprise Package.

Modeled off our ongoing pen and paper offer, the Digital Christmas Surprise Package gets you (at least)
$50 worth of Palladium Digital Products through DriveThroughRPG for just $24.99!

Grab yours now
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What's the Deal?

We're going full digital with this one!

Everyone loves Palladium's traditional Christmas Surprise Packages, so we thought, why not partner with Drive Thru RPG and offer the same great value with our digital products?

Grab yours now
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The Palladium Digital Christmas Surprise Package

Palladium Books is proud to announce our FIRST Digital Surprise Package

Why is it called a Surprise Package?

It’s a surprise package because you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Part of the fun of this product is giving us a (hopefully long) Wish List of PDFs that you’d like to get.

We then take that list and send you a selection of PDFs from it, along with a few other goodies that we think you might like. We always try to include many of the items on your “Wish List,” but we will surprise you with stuff you are not expecting. PDFs like issues of The Rifter®, or a Palladium RPG or sourcebook(s), or other items that we think you might enjoy.

All items are hand-picked by the Palladium staff from YOUR Wish List.

Why is it such a great bargain?

You are guaranteed to get an absolute minimum of $50 of retail value in your Digital Surprise Package. Sometimes more!

Santa Kevin and his merry band of Palladium elves like to make gamers squeal with delight and often pack in an extra $10 worth of goodies into many Surprise Packages.

We have left fans thrilled with what they received every single year with the traditional Christmas Surprise Package, and we plan to do the same with the Digital Surprise Packages.

Why does Palladium do this?

The Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages are our way of saying THANK YOU to our loyal fans. Its an expression of appreciation and joy from us and a great bargain for our fans.

Are You Ready To Order Your Palladium Digital Christmas Grab Bag?

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